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Chapter 02: The French in North America

Acadian Way of Life

French Explorers

  • French Explorers
    Click on the name of an explorer to read a detailed account of his life and travels, with maps and other illustrations.

  • Radisson and Des Groseilliers: Caesars of the Wilderness
    A brief account of the travels of these explorers, with a drawing of Radisson.

  • Explorers' Index
    Click on the name of an explorer to read about his travels. Some illustrations. Note that this is a list of explorers of many nationalities, not just French explorers.

  • Cartier's First Voyage
    An account of Cartier's first voyage, with translated quotations from his ship's log.

The Seigneurial System

  • The Seigneurs
    Click on the list of topics to read about different aspects of the seigneurial system. Includes maps, drawings, and other illustrations.

  • Virtual Musuem of New France
    Click on the headings to read short articles about life in New France. There are some illustrations.