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Chapter 03: The British in North America

Halifax Citadel

Britain's Expansion in North America

British Explorers

The Hudson's Bay Company
  • HBC Learning Centre: Young Explorers
    The history of the Hudson's Bay Company, with an interactive map and timeline, as well as paintings, drawings, and other illustrations.

  • Hudson's Bay Company History
    An account of the history of the company, with a few illustrations. Click the links at the bottom of the page to read the whole story.

Northwest Passage
  • Exploration of the Northwest Passage
    Scroll down and click on the name of an explorer to read about his travels. There is a link for each explorer that shows the route he took.

  • Arctic Exploration
    Overview of the exploration of the Arctic, with a map showing the routes of the major explorations.

  • Some Arctic Explorers
    Under “Interactive Maps”, click “Quest for the Northwest Passage” to see the routes various explorers took on their search for a path through the Arctic.

  • Exploration 1497 to 1760
    Look for these maps in the list: The Search for a Northwest Passage 1576 to 1587; The Search for a Northwest Passage and Exploration of the Eastmain 1742 to 1749.

Thirteen Colonies