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Unit 1

Unit 1: Your Culture Quest


Cultures Around the World
  • Cultural Profiles Report
    Each cultural profile provides an overview of life and customs in the profiled country. 
    Geographic information on the countries of the world. Click on Countries to find information on nations around the world.

  • Country @ a Glance
    United Nations database on countries worldwide. Select a country from the map to find basic information about the country. 
  • Oxfam’s Cool Planet Children
    Read stories about some of the day-to-day lives of children in several African nations.
  • IPL Culture Quest World Tour
    Explore the webquest to discover information about a number of countries throughout the world. 
  • Chinese Dragon Dance
    A video of a Chinese Dragon Dance. 
  • Chinese Culture - Nian
    Discover why the dragon dance is held each Chinese New Year. 
  • Sagwa’s Web Quest
    Find interesting information on Chinese culture, holidays, customs, and horoscopes by playing games with Sagwa. 
  • IPL: Our World
    This site provides links to a large number of websites of information about countries and cultures around the world.
Oral History and Traditions 
  • The Adventures of Hamza
    Go online to view the tale, with a short explanation of what is being seen in the visuals. 
  • Mi’kmaq (Storytelling)
    Information about storytelling in the Mi’kmaq culture, with a link to a traditional Mi’kmaq story. 
  • Oral History One with Kevin Sack
    Learn about the past through the words of the elders of a Mi’kmaw community. Their words, while they may sound strange to you, hold the power and the history of their culture.
  • Storytelling: The Art of Knowledge
    This site has information on oral history, as well as some stories which might be passed on to children in a culture.
Inuktitut Language 
Cultural Regions in Atlantic Canada 
British Empire/Commonwealth 
  • Young Commonwealth
    Visit this site to find information about the British Commonwealth: what countries belong, some of the history of the Commonwealth, and how young people can be involved throughout the world.

Life in Other Provinces

Ombudsman and Discrimination 
Government of Canada's Special Festival Days 
Refugees Around the World 
Canadian Immigration: The people who come to Canada