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Unit 2

Global Warming and Climate Change 
  • Global Warming Kids Site
    United States Environmental Protection Agency site on global warming has information on topics related to the changes in the Earth’s climate. 
  • Global Warming is Hot Stuff
    Information on the greenhouse effect and how it will affect the Earth, with ideas on how young people can help. 
  • Kids and Youth - Environment Canada
    Learn more about Canada’s role in helping with the issue of climate change. Lots of information about the role youth can play in helping the environment. 
  • Tiki the Penguin’s Hot Earth
    Go along with Tiki to explore the changing climate, and how it will affect people, places, and animals around the globe. 
  • Climate Change Caravan
    A Canada-wide tour to teach Canadians what they can do to help the climate. Links help explain about greenhouse gases and climate change. 
  • Greenhouse Effect…
    A clear explanation of how the greenhouse effect works and how it affects us. See the links on the left about climate change. 
  • Stratospheric Ozone - Kidzone
    Information and links to many sources of information for Canadian youth. 
  • Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect
    A short explanation of how the greenhouse effect takes place.

World Biomes and Conservation Issues 
  • What’s it like where you live? Biomes of the World
    The Missouri Botanical Garden supplies information about plants, animals, and climate conditions in biomes and ecosystems around the world. 
  • World Biomes
    BluePlanet describes the climate and other factors that make up biomes around the globe. 
  • An Introduction to Biomes
    Detailed notes about the makeup of biomes found on our planet. 
  • Exploring the Environment: An Overview of Biomes
    This NASA Classroom Of The Future site provides an easy-to-understand summary of Earth’s biomes. 
  • Biomes
    University of California informational site on biomes around the planet. 
  • Habitats
    Learn more about the different habitats of animals species around the world. 
  • Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada
    Short articles that describe the ecozones throughout Canada. Information is included about plants, animals and human activities in the area. 
  • Ecoclimates of Canada
    Some basic information on the ecoclimates (biomes) of Canada. 
  • Earth Day Canada
    Helping Canadians discover local solutions to issues related to the environment. 
  • Eekoworld
    Click on The Environment to see videos on ecosystems around the globe.

Art in your Ecozone 

Economic Value of Amazon Rainforest 
  • Welcome to the Rainforest
    This site, while run by a company who sell nutritional products, is a source of information on many rainforest issues, including the wealth of the rainforest, its plants, and its animals. It also has links to help you with projects on the rainforest. 
  • Coffee and Conservation
    An interactive page about growing crops in Amazonia. Ask your teacher for help if needed. 
  • Rainforest Facts
    Information about the rainforest, including agriculture and forestry (logging). It is a long article, but you can scan the headings as you scroll down to find the information you are looking for. 
  • Protecting Forests Clearcutting and Logging: The War of the Woods
    This series of videos by CBC television shows some of the concerns and issues dealing with the logging industry in Canada, and the growing concern over the cutting down of our forests. 
  • Tropical Forests: Magical Rainforests
    Learn about the issues affecting forests and the history of forest conservation. 
  • Rain Forest at Night
    This flash video site allows you to hear and see some of the animals who make the rainforest their home. 
  • Rainforest Heroes
    Join in on learning about the rainforests, how they are endangered, and what you can do to help save the rainforests. 
  • Passport to the Rainforest
    A variety of information about the rainforest, its resources, and what you can do to help. 
  • Exploring the Environment: Tropical Poison
    Read through this site and the links on the left to gather information about the destruction that is taking place in our forests throughout the world.

  • Deforestation
    A short set of webpages showing some of the damage that results from deforestation. 
  • Two Worlds Touch
    This website provides a short video that discusses how the lives of Aboriginal peoples in the rainforests have been affected by the deforestation of their homelands. 
  • National Geographic’s Human Impact
    Flash and video examples and information about how deforestation is affecting life on our planet.

Forest Conservation 

Challenges in Developing Resources

Commercial Fisheries: Canada 
Diamond Mining: Canada 

Hydroelectric Dams: Canada 

Hydroelectric Dams: China (Three Gorges), Paraguay (Itaipú) 

Agriculture: Canada 

Sustainable Practices 
  • Clean Air Online: Renewable Energy Related Links
    This Canadian government site gives links related to renewable energy sources. 
  • CanMET Energy: Renewables
    This site from Natural Resources Canada has links to information about alternate sources of energy. 
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum: Background information for Energy
    The Canadian Science and Technology Museum gives information on energy and forms of energy, such as renewable and non-renewable forms. 
  • Energy Quest
    Information on types of energy, alternate sources, and how they work. From the California Energy Commission. 
  • Energy Resources
    Click on one of the types of energy on the left of the screen. You can find out how the energy source works, its advantages and disadvantages, and whether it is renewable. 
  • The Energy Story
    Click on the chapters to read a short article about a source of energy. There are lots of pictures and illustrations. 
  • Tiki’s Energy Site
    Join Tiki the penguin to find out about where energy comes from, how we use it, and how it affects the Earth. 
  • Energy Facts
    Follow the webpages to find out about renewable and non-renewable energy resources. There are illustrations. 
  • Nova Scotia Power: Renewable Energy
    Links on the right provide information about alternate energy sources that are being used in Atlantic Canada today. 
  • Roofus’ Home
    Join Roofus in examining how energy can be used around your home just as it is around his.

Sustainable Energy Resources

Wind Farms: Canada 
  • Wind with Miller
    Learn how a real wind turbine works and help Miller build one to generate electricity.

Recycling and Composting: Canada 

Geothermal Power 

Hybrid Cars 
  • Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles
    Information from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Click on the Technology Basics links at the left to learn how these types of vehicles work. (If you are reading about hybrid electric vehicles, note that “ICE” stands for “internal combustion engine.” This is the type of engine most cars and trucks use today.) 
  • Electic Cars: Highly Bred
    Some information on the newest hybrid cars released to the public. 
  • A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles
    A discussion of alternative energy cars—ones that do not burn gasoline, but some other form of energy.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells