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Unit 3

Weather in Canada and the Middle East 
  • What is Weather?
    Learn about the different elements that make up the daily event that we call weather. 
  • Environment Canada
    The Canadian government website dealing with the environment. 
  • Environment Canada Weather Office
    Get an up-to-date forecast of the weather throughout Canada. 
  • BBC - Weather
    Get an up-to-date weather forecast for different regions and cities around the world in the Middle East. Use the drop-down menu to select a map of the Middle East.
Flags of the Middle East 

Religions in the Middle East and Worldwide 
  • Religions of the World
    Some basic background information on several different religions from around the world. 
  • World Religions
    Set up by the World Religion Initiative, this site gives information about a number of religions around the world. 
  • Major Religions of the World
    A short summary of the major religions worldwide. An informative background. 
  • The Major Faiths
    A comparison table of five of the world’s main religions. 
  • Religions in Canada
    Information about the basic principles of many religions. It was prepared to help the Armed Forces respect the religions of all people who serve in the military.

Types of Government 
  • Types of Government
    Provides short definitions of the different types of government around the world.
  • Mao Zedong
    A biography of the first leader of the People’s Republic of China as a communist nation. 
  • All About the Great Wall of China
    A short article which tells a little about the first emperor’s plans to protect China from invaders. 
  • Qin Terra Cotta Army Museum
    This article describes the fake warriors that the emperor had built to protect him in the afterlife. 
  • All About Pandas
    Information about pandas and how they live. 
  • Panda — National Treasure
    The Conservation link on this page gives information on how the government has helped pandas in China. 
  • Panda Facts at a Glance
    Read how the World Wildlife Fund and the Chinese government worked together to help protect the giant panda.

Effect of Economics on Culture