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Unit 4

Hominid Fossils 

Archaeological Discoveries in Africa

  • Africa: Masks
    Pictures of African masks, and descriptions of their uses. 
  • Images of African Masks
    A wide variety of African masks. Click on the GIF links to see drawings of different masks. 
  • The Art of the African Mask
    The use of masks and their role in African society. Click on the headings at the bottom of the screen to see photographs and descriptions of different types of masks. 
  • Haida Secret Society Masks
    Images of masks used in Haida Secret Societies in North America. 
  • Ritual Messengers
    Masks, artwork, and sculptures from Africa from the Royal Museum of Central Africa.

Modern Art and Artists of Africa - The Culture of Today 

Languages and Literature: Oral and Written Culture 

  • What do you Know about African Proverbs?: A Collection of African Proverbs
    These African proverbs are explained so you can understand them as the people in their homeland would interpret them. Click on Proverbs on the left side of the screen, and select a region of Africa. To see the interpretation of a proverb, move your mouse over the word Interpretation. 
  • African Folk Tales
    Read several examples of African folk tales, either on your own or as a read-aloud with several members of your class in a play-like format.


Short Biographies of African Writers 

Sports and Games

African Music

African Foods
Information on foods, with recipes, from the following African countries: 
African Arts and Crafts
Information on arts and crafts from the following African countries: 

African Clothing
  • Special Event Clothing
    See some examples of clothing worn by African people during traditional ceremonies and on special festival days. 
  • Every Day Clothing
    As you can see, the clothing worn is not so different from your own. See photos of contemporary African people at work and play. 
  • African Clothing
    Read through this site for information about African clothing.
African Culture—General
  • African Voices
    This page has a great deal for you to learn about Africa, from sculpture, pottery, art, music, history, work and what has gone into developing the culture there. 
  • Africa for Kids
    Find out what life is like for young people living in Africa. 
  • On the Line
    Click on the names of the African countries to learn more about them, including music and dance, arts and crafts, sports, and a section on daily life in that country. 
  • Nations
    This site presents the countries of the world, summarized in a table with basic information.
  • Africa: One Continent. Many Worlds: African Stories
    From the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, a tour through the pages shows videos, sound clips, photographs and information on several African regions, with a great deal of information on various regions throughout the continent.