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Angelo Bolotta, Marc Keristead, Jill Colyer, Cathy Costello, Shane Pisani

Active Citizen: You Can Make A Difference
ISBN 13: 9780195424065

About the Book

This dynamic and engaging full colour text explores what it means to be an active citizen within our democratic society. Included are the various levels of government in Canada and political decision-making processes in Canada. Students will learn how to think critically about issues and react responsibly to them.

  • Special literacy features make civics accessible to all students
  • Complete integrated Skills Development Program allow students to practice skills in content
  • Students are introduced to citizenship and social studies skills, which are developed and practiced within the context of course content - including research and inquiry skills, critical and creative thinking, communication, decision making, conflict resolution, and teamwork
  • Other high interest features that will engage your students include Chapter Reviews, People Power, Issue Analysis, and Checkpoint

Sample Material

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