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Chapter 1: Community and the Common Good

Employability Skills:

Civic Support Service Organizations:

Other Resources:

Chapter 2: How Do Governments in Canada Work?

The Organization of Canada's Government:

Elections in Canada:

Youth Services:

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Chapter 3: Canada's Legal System


Structure and Function of the Supreme Court of Canada:

Youth Justice Issues:

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Chapter 4: Municipal Government and You

Municipal Government in Canada:

Youth and Community Activism:

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Chapter 5: Hear My Voice: Public Issues and Civil Action

Montreal Massacre and White Ribbon Campaign:

Robert Latimer Case:

Youth Achievement Awards:

The Work of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King:


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Chapter 6: The Global Citizen Today

HIV/AIDS in Africa:


United Nations:

Holocaust Education:

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Chapter 7: Putting It All Together

Youth Action:

Organizations Working For Change:

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