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Internet Activities Unit 3: Coming of Age, 1939-1960

Chapter 7: Canadians Overseas in World War II

  • Armoured Warrior
    This World War II game uses the real-life experience of Canadian tank crews to create an adventure game where you will you will choose the fate of Commander Sherman Tank during the Normandy Campaign of 1944. This game uses the plug-ins QuickTime 4.x / 5.x.

Chapter 8: Canadians at Home During World War II

  • WWII: The War Effort at Home
    This teacher plan outlines a lesson for students to explore CBC videos about the war effort at home and conduct mock interviews.

Chapter 9: Canada and World Affairs, 1945 to 1960

  • The Diefenbunker
    This is a virtual tour of the bunker, built in Ottawa to protect the Prime Minister, in case of nuclear war.

Chapter 10: Canada in the Post-War Era

  • Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System
    The official website of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System. This site has a ten-minute video of the Seaway and an animated tour of The St. Lawrence Seaway.