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Chapter Links Unit 1: Emerging Identity, 1914-1920

Chapter 1: Canada in World War I

General sites about World War I:

Trench warfare:
  • Spartacus Educational
    A site with clear descriptions, and a good diagram of trenches. Many links to explain terms and events. There are also links to other events, e.g., WWII, Cold War.

Ypres and other important battles:
  • Remember Canada (Sympatico)
    Ypres, The Somme, Passchendaele, and Vimy Ridge have descriptions, pictures, and diagrams.

The Somme, Beaumont, Hamel, and Newfoundland's role in World War I:
  • Newfoundlanders at Beaumont Hamel, July 1, 1916
    This site offers a photo gallery of the battlefield, the cemetery markers, and some of the monuments.

  • Newfoundland and The Great War (Canada's Digital Collection)
    This site has many links to the home front, volunteerism, training, and battles. There are images of groups, training, battles, memorials, and a scrapbook. There are also audio and video clips.

The war at sea and in the air:
  • Canada and the War at Sea
    The small Royal Canadian Navy patrolled the east coast against the threat posed by German submarines.

  • Canadian Air Aces and Heroes
    Canadian airmen made a remarkable contribution to the various British air services. Among the most remembered are: Barker, Bishop, Brown, Collishaw, and MacLaren.

The end of the war:

Chapter 2: On the Home Front

Life on the home front:

Women's roles during the war:
  • Medical Services, Library and Archives Canada
    Laura Gamble enlisted in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. There are a diary, citation, medal, and video.

  • Votes for Women
    A description of how Nellie McClung staged a mock Parliament on whether men should have the vote.

  • Women in the War
    This site features the contributions of women, both on the home front and overseas. There are both posters and photographs.

  • Women's Work, Library and Archives Canada
    Lois Allan enrolled in the Farm Service Corps in 1918. In addition to photographs and a diary, there are also links to a pamphlet to farm and industrial work done by women, and charitable efforts.

Internment camps in Canada:

The Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles:

Halifax Explosion:

The Winnipeg General Strike:
  • Remembering the Winnipeg General Strike
    This is a radio clip from the CBC Archives from 1969. The Winnipeg General Strike started on May 15, 1919 and was the start of the largest strike in Canadian history.