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Chapter Links Unit 2: Growing Independence, 1920-1939

Chapter 3: The Twenties: Growth and Change

Inventors and their inventions:

Sports heroes in the 1920s:

The Persons Case:
  • Famous 5: Heroes for Today
    This site is a multimedia resource dedicated to telling the lives and achievements of the five women from Alberta who have become known as the Famous Five.

  • The "Persons" Case, 1927–1929
    This site has the Library and Archives Canada’s record of the Persons Case and the Famous Five.

Chapter 4: The Twenties: Boom and Bust

Atlantic region mining:

Residential schools:

The stock market crash:

Chapter 5: The Great Depression

The Dust Bowl:
  • CBC News Indepth: Agriculture, 1930s Drought
    This article talks about the drought, the migration to the cities by farmers who went broke, and how they coped.

  • The Dirty '30s
    Listen to a radio clip of a report on the difficulties of the Depression-era drought. Includes the song "Saskatchewan",composed by a businessman from Swift Current, Saskatchewan during the 1930s.
  • Life on a Western Canadian Farm
    A site outlining the lifestyle of a family of ten on a prairie farm during the 1920s and 1930s.

The On-to-Ottawa trek and relief camps:

The Social Credit Party, the CCF, and their founders:

Chapter 6: Canada and Events in Europe


Martin Niemoeller:

Holocaust survivors: