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General Reference Unit 2: Growing Independence, 1920-1939

Chapter 3: The Twenties: Growth and Change

First Nations and Residential Schools:


Prime Minister Mackenzie King:

Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven:

Chapter 4: The Twenties: Boom and Bust

Aboriginal Links:

Chapter 5: The Great Depression

Social Credit, the CCF, and their founders:

Chapter 6: Canada and Events in Europe

  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association
    A non-profit, non-government law-reform organization which strives to protect of civil liberties and human rights in Canada. For an extension activity of Checkpoint p. 117, 6.

  • Canadian Economy Online
    Includes links to key Canadian economic indicators for the last ten years and other economic information. For Checkpoint on p.114, question 1. b).

  • Winston Churchill Quotes
    Churchill is immensely quotable. Some of his most well known remarks are listed here.

  • Diversity Watch (Ryerson University School of Journalism)
    A resource page with links to various ethnocultural and religious groups that help to promote diversity.

  • A Look at German Inflation 1914–1924
    This site for coin collectors contains information about the ruinous inflation that affected Germany after World War I.

  • Mackenzie King: Public Life, Private Man (8 TV Clips, 11 Radio Clips)
    Watch CBC news clips and listen to radio clips from an archived collection on Mackenzie King.

  • Marianapolis College - Canada and Jewish Refugees in the 1930s
    These photos show a history of immigration over the years.

  • Open Hearts, Closed Doors (Virtual Museum of Canada)
    This site is about the War Orphans Project, the group of young Jewish orphans to came to Canada after WWII. This site can be used as part of an enrichment activity for Additional Activity 4.