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General Reference Unit 3: Coming of Age, 1939-1960

Chapter 7: Canadians Overseas in World War II

General Military History

Posters and Pictures

Canada's Veterans

News Clips

Chapter 8: Canadians at Home During World War II

Chapter 9: Canada and World Affairs, 1945 to 1960

The Cold War

  • 11 Steps to Survival
    This site has scanned pages from a booklet that outline what to do in the event of an emergency such as a nuclear war.



  • Dan George
    Chief Dan George was over 60 when he became a movie actor. His success in acting led him to become a spokesman for the people of Canada's First Nations.

  • Max Ward
    Max Ward was a bush pilot and founder of Wardair, one of the first "cut-rate" airlines.

  • Oscar Peterson
    The Canadian Library and Archives' website about Canadian jazz musician, Oscar Peterson. This site includes an audio tour of his works.

  • Rosemary Brown
    Rosemary Brown was the first Black woman to serve in the B.C. Legislature.

The Avro Arrow

Chapter 10: Canada in the Post-War Era

News Clips