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General Reference Unit 4: Gaining Confidence, 1960-1980

Chapter 11: A Changing Society

Chapter 12: Language and Culture

Chapter 13: Economic Expansion and Crisis

  • National Aboriginal Achievement Awards
    This site recognizes First Nation success stories.

  • Canadian Labour Congress
    The Canadian Labour Congress website contains links and information about their work bringing together Canadian unions, provincial and territorial federations of labour, and district labour councils.

  • Famous Canadian Entrepreneurs
    This list of Canadian entrepreneurs might be a good starting point for an essay or class project.

  • Frank Stronach
    This is a short biography of Frank Stronach and the story of how he went from a poor immigrant to building his company, Magna International Inc.

  • Heather Reisman
    This site gives a brief biography of Heather Reisman, who is the CEO and founder of Indigo Books & Music, Inc.

  • Paul Desmarais
    Read a brief biography of entrepreneur and business person Paul Desmarais.

  • Sixties a GoGo
    Watch CBC news clips and listen to radio clips of social life in the 1960s.