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Help with Skills

Evaluating websites:


  • What is Plagiarism?
    Learn what forms plagiarism takes, why it is important to avoid it, and how to keep track of, and cite sources.

Tracking websites:

  • WebTracks
    This site provides a template to help students keep track of the websites that they use for future reference.

Creating a Mind Map:

  • How to Mind Map
    This is a clear, ordered and concise explanation of mind mapping. There are sample diagrams as well.

Software Tutorials:

  • Multimedia Tools
    This site has several tutorials on graphics, sound, and animation software programs, for both IBM and MAC platforms.

Graphic Organizers:

  • Graphic Organizers
    A site offering links to graphic organizers that may be modified and printed. You may find them useful for assignments.



  • MultiMap
    Go to this site for a map of your community. On the left of the page enter the name of your community, and click on your province. There are arrows in the blue border around the map to adjust the location.

Writing Skills: