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Student Online Resources

Student Resource Web Links

Chapter 1: Understandings of Globalization

  • p. 12 Make Poverty History
    This website is devoted to efforts at neutralizing the gap between poor and wealthy nations. Updates on recent campaigns, and a comprehensive list of humanitarian organizations gives students many directions for further study.

  • p. 15 War Party
    The website of Aboriginal rap group, War Party. The site provides information about the group and free MP3 downloads of some of the group’s tracks.

  • p. 17 McDonald’s Canada
    This is the official website of McDonald’s Canada, available in both French and English.

Chapter 2: Expressing Canadian Culture and Identity

  • p. 31 Métis National Council: Métis Youth
    This link leads to a section of the Métis National Council website, which describes young Métis role models. The main site brings together members of the Métis community, providing information on Métis government and updates on political developments.

  • p. 31 Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre Inc.
    A site dedicated to keeping Métis culture alive. The Michif Lanugage link on the left leads to online lessons on the pronunciation and spelling of Michif words, as well as a brief history on the language.

  • p. 31 Angelfire: The Medicine Crow
    This page provides information on Aboriginal healing techniques. Click on the “Resources” tab at the bottom of the page for a list of Métis websites.

Chapter 3: Impacts of Media and Communications Technologies

Chapter 4: Challenges of Globalization to Identities

Chapter 5: Global Opportunities for Canadians

Chapter 6: Promotion of Culture and Language

  • p. 91 Canadian Heritage: Official Languages
    This link leads to the branch of government that promotes French and English in Canada, including efforts to make education available in both languages.

  • p. 98 Natural Resources Canada
    This link displays a map that details the various Aboriginal languages spoken in Canada, as of 1996..

  • p. 99 Aboriginal Multi-Media Society
    This site includes a searchable database for research on various Aboriginal issues, as well as links to Aboriginal newspapers and radio stations in Canada. Please note that users must subscribe in order to access some material on the site.

Chapter 7: Cultural Contact

  • p. 110 The Boyd’s Cove Beothuk Site
    This website includes archaeological discoveries made at Boyd’s Cove, and the conclusions historians are making about the lives of the Beothuk people who once lived in the region.

Chapter 8: Foundations of Historical Globalization

Chapter 9: Historical Globalization and Imperialism

Chapter 10: Legacies of Imperialism

Chapter 11: Economic Globalization

Chapter 12: Economic Internationalism

Chapter 13: Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Globalization

Chapter 14: Environmental Impacts of Globalization

Chapter 15: Global Sustainability and Prosperity

Chapter 16: Understanding Quality of Life

Chapter 17: Globalization, Democratization, and Human Rights

Chapter 18: Impacts of Globalization on Groups in Society

  • p. 299 UNICEF: Unite for Children
    This is the main page for children’s charity, UNICEF, with links to additional pages that describe UNICEF programs, partners, and publications. Radio, podcast, and video supplements are also available.

  • p. 299 Street Kids International
    The main page of the non-for-profit agency dedicated to improving the lives of children on the streets.

  • p. 307 WomenWatch
    This website provides information about recent and ongoing initiatives to promote gender equality, in accordance with UN principles.

  • p. 310 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
    This government site is available in both French and English. It supplies information on efforts to improve the quality of life of Aboriginal people in Canada, especially in the North. Go to the “Search” tab and type in “Aboriginal Women Meeting the Challenges” to read personal success stories of Aboriginal women in Canada.

  • p. 283, p. 311 Sweatshop Watch: Empowering Workers, Informing Consumers
    This site offers articles on sweatshops, information on recent campaigns to stop sweatshop labour and support workers’ protests, and guides for consumers who wish to boycott sweatshops. Volunteering, letter-writing, and other calls to action encourage site visitors to contribute to the cause.

  • p. 311 CorpWatch
    Read an article on charity wristbands, specifically those made for the Make Poverty History campaign, which are under scrutiny for having been produced in sweatshops in China.

Chapter 19: Individuals and Communities in a Globalizing World

  • p. 320, p. 322 Stephen Lewis Foundation
    The official page of the grassroots organization that works to alleviate suffering caused by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The website provides information on programs, volunteer opportunities, and news.

  • p. 324 World Water Crisis
    This interactive map from BBC News allows users to read about fresh water crises in various parts of the world. Users may access more comprehensive articles on specific regions by clicking on the links provided.

Chapter 20: Opportunities and Challenges for Canadians

Chapter 21: Global Responsibilities in a Globalizing World