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Unit 1

UNIT 1: Confederation

Colonies and Communities of British North America

Page 7: Colonies before Canadian Confederation

First Nations Peoples at Mid-Century

Page 10: First Nations Societies in the Nineteenth Century

The Future of African-Canadian Communities

Page 12: History of African-Canadian Communities
  • York University: African Canadian On-Line
    This easily accessible site, designed by York University’s Centre for the Study of Black Cultures, offers profiles of various African-Canadians, discusses African-Canadian culture, and includes an extensive list of external links for further information.

  • Historica: Black History Canada
    Visit this site to learn more about enslavement, black settlement in early Canada, Caribbean and African immigration, Equity and Human Rights, Identity and Assimilation, Black Contributions, The Arts, and Urban Centres.

  • Many Rivers To Cross
    Focusing on the migration of Black pioneers, this site also has photographs of various settlements in Canada.

  • Black Settlement in British North America
    This site includes several links to specific African-Canadian communities in Canada (i.e., Guelph and Nova Scotia).

The Economy in British North America

Page 18: Canada’s Past and Current Trading Partners

John A. Macdonald

Page 20: John A. Macdonald

Fenian Raids

Page 21: The Fenians


Page 24: Early Railway Construction in Canada

Two Colonies Reject the Union

Page 35: Why Individual Colonies Chose to Accept or Reject Confederation

Who Had the Vote?

Page 37: Voting Rights in Canada

Canada’s Centennial 1967

Page 41: Expo 67

Division of Powers

Page 48: Federal and Provincial Roles and Responsibilities

The Indian Act

Page 50: The Indian Act of 1876

A New Constitution

Page 51: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

A Confederation Murder Mystery

Page 53: Thomas D’Arcy McGee

British Columbia Joins Confederation

Page 56: Gold Rush on the Fraser River

Discussing the Future

Page 62: Pre-Confederation British Columbia and the Decision to Join Confederation

Prince Edward Island Joins Confederation

Page 66: Pre-Confederation PEI and the Decision to Join Confederation

Confederation Update

Page 69: More on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Perspective and History of Quebec Nationalism

Page 70: The Québec Separatist Movement

The Canada Page: Regions of Canada

Page 72: The Strengths and Challenges of Regions in Canada