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Unit 2

UNIT 2: The Development of Western Canada

Cultural Symbols of the Métis

Page 86: Métis and their Culture
  • Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
    Visit this site for an informative journey into Métis culture. You will learn about all aspects of the culture in this comprehensive site that has many external links as well as videos to view.

  • Métis National Council
    This is the official site of the Métis people. Lean about past and current events in Métis life.

Louis Riel

Page 91: Louis Riel

The Manitoba Act

Page 94: The Manitoba Act and Birth of Manitoba

The RCMP Today

Page 101: History of the RCMP

Different Understandings of the Treaties

Page 112: Treaties in Canada’s West

The National Policy

Page 117: Macdonald’s 1878 National Policy

The Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Page 121: The Construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway

Chinese Workers

Page 127: Early Chinese Immigration to Canada

Building a Home

Page 136: Early Settlers to Western Canada
  • University of Calgary: The Peopling of Canada
    Read a short outline of immigration to Western Canada from the homesteaders in the plains to the racism experienced against certain immigrant groups.

  • Immigration to Western Canada
    Browse through this site for more on immigration to Western Canada. This site includes a short narrative and photos.

  • Scattering of Seeds
    An informative site based on a TV series of immigrants’ stories on coming to Canada. Browse the site map to find stories of various people from various lands throughout Canada’s history.

Canada’s West Inspires Music

Page 139: The Canadian Railroad Trilogy
  • Gordon Lightfoot
    Read the lyrics to the “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” by Gordon Lightfoot. You can also look on this site for information about the singer/songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot.

Canada’s West Inspires Music

Page 139: Artists Inspired by Canada’s West Coast

We Cannot Live and Wait

Page 148: Mistahimaskwa (Big Bear) and Other Aboriginal Leaders from Canada’s West

Aftermath of Resistance

Page 153: The Northwest Resistance
  • Northwest Resistance
    Read about a First Nations’ perspective on the Northwest Resistance from the website of Daniel Paul, winner of the Order of Canada.

  • Northwest Resistance
    Check this database of information and photo artifacts from the University of Saskatchewan chronicling the Northwest Rebellion.

Boom Years

Page 156: Material Advertising Western Canada to New Immigrants
  • The Last Best West
    This site will show you documents that were used to advertise Canada to attract new immigrants in the USA, Britain, and Europe from 1870–1930. Look on the bottom of the page for links to navigate the information found in the site.

  • Library and Archives Canada: The Canadian West
    More information on how Western Canada was advertised to make people want to immigrate. Look through the rest of this site for more information on the history of Western Canada.

Was Canada’s Door Open or Closed

Page 162: Black and Francophone Communities in Western Canada

The Komagata Maru Affair

Page 163: Early Indian Immigration to Canada
  • Scattering of Seeds: Passage from India
    Read about Bagga Singh’s story of immigration to Canada. Follow links to see video clips of the episode as well as to see information on the Komagata Maru.

  • Komagata Maru Foundation
    A site dedicated to the promotion of Indian Culture in Canada, with history and stories of the Komagata Maru Incident.

Immigrants from Eastern Europe

Page 165: Early Eastern European Immigration to Canada
View the following sites for information on the history of these cultural groups’ immigration to Canada: The following two sites give stories of immigrant experiences and also provide an archive of pictures and information on the topic of immigration to Canada in general for all immigrant groups:

Gold Rush in the Yukon

Page 171: Yukon Gold Rush