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Unit 3

UNIT 3: A Changing Society

New Technology

Page 188: New Inventions at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Working in the Factory

Page 191: Working Conditions at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Street Railway

Page 193: History of Public Transportation in Canada
  • University of Manitoba: Canadian Street Railways
    Here you can view pictures of all the early street railways in most cities throughout Canada. You can also learn if it was steam, electric, or animal powered and when it operated.”

  • City of Toronto: TTC History
    See pictures and read about the history of the Toronto Transit Commission – one of the first public transportation systems in the country.

Documenting and Citing Sources

Page 195: APA style

Aboriginal Baby Boom

Page 199: Aboriginal Baby Boom and Modern Aboriginal Youth Culture
  • Aboriginal Canada Portal – Youth
    Look here for news, events and information for and about Aboriginal youth.

  • SAY Magazine
    Aboriginal people are the fastest growing group in Canada. This baby boom is creating huge potential for bringing more Aboriginal workers into the workforce. Read here to learn more.

Child Labour

Page 204: Child Labour in Canada

Free the Children

Page 205: Free the Children
  • Free the Children
    This is the main site for Free the Children, the anti-child labour organization created by Canadian Craig Kielburger when he was in the seventh grade.

  • Free the Children
    Read about what inspired Craig Kielburger to begin this organization. You can also read excerpts from his two books.

Immigrant Workers

Page 208: Immigration to Canada at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Women and Work

Page 218: Women and Work at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Women in the Arts

Page 221: Emily Carr and Pauline Johnson

Women and Social Reform

Page 224: Early Women’s Social Reform Groups
  • Women of Aspenland
    Learn about early women’s groups in early twentieth century Alberta.

  • McGill Archives: Little Burgundy
    Read a short history of Montreal’s Little Burgundy, a working-class, mostly African-Canadian, neighbourhood that grew because of nearby Industrialization.

Waves of Feminism

Page 225: First- and Second-Wave Feminism

Fighters for the Vote

Page 228: Nellie McClung and Other Suffragists

Canada and the War in South Africa

Page 243: Canada’s Role in the South African War (Boer War)

Laurier Defeated

Page 234: Prime Ministers Wilfrid Laurier and Robert Borden
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  • Sir Robert Borden
    Library and Archives Canada: First among Equals
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the lives of these Prime Ministers’ lives – from political to private – can be found on these sites chock-full of information and pictures.

Using Information Communication Technology to Show Your Learning

Page 235: Heritage Minutes
  • Historica: History by the Minute
    Historica Heritage Minutes: you sometimes see them on TV during commercials. Here’s the source for all the video clips showing various aspects of Canada’s history.

Canada at War

Page 238: Canada’s Role in the First World War

Canada and the Commonwealth

Page 239: Commonwealth Websites
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
    This is the official website for the commonwealth counties. You can explore such issues as democracy, education, law, human rights, and economics.

  • Young Commonwealth
    This is the site for information, games, quizzes and history about the commonwealth countries – but it’s presented in a fun, interactive way. Check it out!