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Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, you will consider the beliefs and values that make up these ideologies rejecting liberalism. You will also examine the circumstances that prompted their rise before you make any judgments or draw ethical conclusions as you address the Chapter Issue: To what extent is the rejection of liberalism justified?

Student Resource Links

Section 1, Get to the Source, p. 176

For further background and the full document of The Program of the Nazi Party:

Skill Path: Understanding Propaganda, p. 178 #5
You may wish to read about and examine examples of modern-day propaganda at the following websites. Remember to critically analyze the materials.

Ad Busters, a magazine and organization that exposes corporate propaganda:

Michael Moore, a film-maker and critic of corporate and political propaganda:

Super Size Me @

Saddam Hussein and propaganda in Iraq @

Tobacco Industry propaganda @

Alcohol/Liquor Industry propaganda @

Teacher’s Resource Links

These links will support activities assigned by your teacher.

Introductory Activity: Recognizing Propaganda Techniques

You may have the opportunity to examine authentic propaganda posters to better understand the use of propaganda techniques.

Access one of the following posters online at The International Poster Gallery @ union or

Consider using the following Soviet vintage posters:

  • #RUL09692 The sacred war. God is with us. 1917 (page 1)
  • #RUL06241 Everything for the war! 1916 (page 1)
  • #RUL09703 The Communist International kindles the fire of socialist revolution 1921 (page 1)
  • #RUL09644 They collected silver & gold from the peasants...Now they must give... 1922 (page 1)
  • #RUL14413 Citizen! The Society of Friends of the Air Force summons you to its ranks. Sign up as a member. 1925 ca. (page 2)
  • #RUL10022 Responsibilities of the friends of children in the village. 1927 (page 3)
  • #RUL03138 Chinese Russian poster, 1927 (page 3)
  • #RUL15201 Only the White Guard rabble benefits from splitting the working class, 1930 (page 4)
  • #RUL10612 Soviet Airships accelerate the socialist advance 1930 ca. (page 4)
  • #RUL10608 What Zeppelins will give the URSS, 1930 ca. (page 4)
  • #RUL17826 Theory of Karl Marx, 1930 ca. (page 4)
  • #RUL02381 Working Women: Fight against the old order (Russian Soup Kitchen), 1930 ca. (page 4)
  • #RUL02381 Future wars will be mechanized as much as possible, 1931 (page 4)

Background Information Links

These links offer background information, alternative content, and alternative approaches to issues and topics that are addressed in the Student Resource and Teacher’s Resource.


Internet Modern History Sourcebook @

Josef Stalin Internet Archive @

The Corner of the World @

The History Guide: Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe @

Holocaust Encyclopedia: United States Holocaust Museum @

Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority @