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Chapter 7

In Chapter 7, you will investigate and consider the Cold War and related examples of international conflict to explore the Chapter Issue: To what extent does ideological conflict shape our world?

Student Resource Links

Section 1, Skill Path: Examining the Interrelationship of Geography and Ideology p. 248

You may wish to consult the following website for Cold War maps:
Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century

Section 1, Explore the Issues, Concept Application #2, p. 260

You may wish to use the following website to help you research key events of American-Soviet relations during the Cold War:

Section 1, Explore the Issues, Concept Application #3, p. 260
You may wish to go to the Truman Library & Museum website to learn more about Molotov’s comments:

Section 2, Voices: The Threat of Nuclear War, Pause and Reflect, p. 263
You may wish to view Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidential campaign commercial (Peace, Little Girl) at:

Section 2, Investigation: Cold War Legacies, Questions for Reflection, p. 269
You may wish to use the following website for a current map of Africa:

Reflect and Analyze, Recognize Relationships among Concepts, Issues, and Citizenship #3, p. 271

You may wish to examine how the ideological conflict of the Cold War was portrayed in popular culture using the following websites (film): and (music)

Teacher’s Resource Links

These links will support activities assigned by your teacher.

Section 1, Activity 1: Using Maps to Understand Ideological Conflict of the Cold War

You may wish to use the following online atlases to complete this activity:

Section 2, Activity 2: Propaganda in the McCarthy Era

You may wish to view the following websites to research and understand propaganda in the McCarthy era:
American Civil Liberties Union

Background Information Links

These links offer background information, alternative content, and alternative approaches to issues and topics that are addressed in the Student Resource and Teacher’s Resource.


A few historical online geographic resources you might use: Perry-Castañeda Library & Map Collection @

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century @

The Historical Atlas of Europe: The Development of Europe’s Modern States from 1519 to 2006 @

Primary Sources: Workshops in American History @

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: World War II: Documents @

Harry S. Truman Library and Museum: The Truman Doctrine @

National Center for Policy Analysis: Idea House: The Marshall Plan @

Robert McNamara’s “Mutual Deterrence” speech @

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars: Cold War International History Project @

Center for Defense Information: Selected Nuclear Quotations @

Peace Magazine @

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum @

University of California: The War Within @