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Chapter 8

In Chapter 8, you will investigate contemporary currents of alternative thought and explore the challenges they present for liberalism. These examples will help you explore the Chapter Issue: To what extent is modern liberalism continuing to evolve?

Teacher’s Resource Links

These links will support activities assigned by your teacher.

Introductory Activity: Ensuring Civil Liberties and Equality Rights for Canadians
You may wish to visit the following website to research organizations/NGOs in Canada @

Canadian Registered Charities

UNICEF Canada @

Canadian Parents for French @

Thunderchild First Nation Aboriginal health system @

Section 2, Background for pp. 292-293, Religious Freedom, Polygamy, and the Law

You may wish to view CBC’s Fifth Estate episode “Bust-up in Bountiful” which explores this topic through interviews, a timeline of events, and polygamy studies. Extensive materials are available @

A more scholarly look at this topic is provided on the Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance website @

Section 2, Background on Potlatch in Canada
You may wish to learn more about the potlatch in Canada @ and

Section 2, Activity 2: Exploring Aboriginal Worldviews
You may wish to explore two websites.

  • The Firstvoices Language Archive is produced by The First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation. You can explore Canada’s Indigenous languages. The archive includes multimedia dictionaries.
  • In Four Directions Teachings, elders and traditional teachers representing the Blackfoot, Cree, Ojibwe, Mohawk, and Mi’kmaq share teachings about their culture. Animated graphics visualize each of the oral teachings. This website also provides biographies of participants, transcripts, and extensive learning resources. It is provided in English with French subtitles.

Section 2, Activity 3: Responding to Evaluation-Type Questions: Multiple Choice Exams

You may benefit from ideas and facts from Part 2, Chapter 3 to get started. See Chapter 3 links.

You may wish to view examples of Alberta Social Studies 30-1 Diploma Exam multiple choice questions available @

You may wish to consult the student page of the Alberta Education website @

Under “Preparing for Diploma Exams” you can find help such as guides, previous diploma exams, and answer keys. Print copies of the Social Studies 30-1 A Guide for Students available @

Background Information Links

These links offer background information, alternative content, and alternative approaches to issues and topics that are addressed in the Student Resource and Teacher’s Resource.


Alberta Education: provincial Testing @

Maclean’s Magazine Online @

Canadian Human Rights Commission: Aboriginal Rights @

Canada in the Making @

Foreign Policy Research Institute @

United Nations: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights @

Worldwatch Institute @

Sierra Club Canada @

Canadian Wildlife Federation @

Multiple Perspectives – Aboriginal Perspectives

Aboriginal Canada Portal @

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada @

You may wish to consult one or more of the following websites:

First Nations Land Rights and Environmentalism in British Columbia @

First Nations and Aboriginal people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of BC @

U’Mista Cultural Society @