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Program Overview

Critical inquiry, issues analysis, multiple perspectives and skills-based approaches, and a personal understanding of citizenship and identity form the foundation of the Alberta Social Studies 30-1 Program of Studies. The Perspectives on Ideology resources are designed to help you meet these outcomes.

Background Information Links

These links offer background information, alternative content, and alternative approaches to issues and topics that are addressed in the Perspectives on Ideology resources.

General Links

Alberta Learning provides a website for Alberta students that includes valuable reference sites for research.

All Alberta schools may obtain free login passwords from their school jurisdictions or from representatives in order to see not only content that is available to all users but also content that is available for Alberta teachers and students only.

A number of websites have been set up to help you develop information technology skills; for example, Education Society presents Net-Know-How: Integrating Research Strategies.

In particular, its 2Learn for Teens feature may be useful (also see:

Multiple Perspectives – Aboriginal Perspectives

To access the full criteria for the current Aboriginal Content Validation guidelines in Alberta, use this link:

If the link changes, just search on “Aboriginal Content Validation guidelines in Alberta.”

Multiple Perspectives – Francophone Perspectives

Multicultural Canada (From French Canada to Francophone Communities: