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Student Resources

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Unit 1: Adventure

Story is our Wall Against the Dark

Here There Be Dragons

Waiting for a White Knight

Ghost Sailors of the Charles Haskell

The Legend of Anne and Mary

Shark’s Breakfast


Unit 2: Imagination

Fairy Tale Monsters

A Wolf at the Door


A Small Dragon

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Unit 3: Perspective

Name Giveaway


The Winner

Shonar Arches

Adolescent Brain Development

Inside the Teen Brain

And There He Was

The Crush

Unit 4: Attitude

Duncan’s Way

The Ball of Fire

The Story of Emily


Ode to Family Photographs

A Splinter of Glass: Aung San Suu Kyi

Rich and Poor

Unit 5: Dreams & Goals

Alwyn Morris: Too Small to Compete?

James Naismith


The Bomb

An Author Came to School Today

S. E. Hinton

Birute Galdikas

Unit 6: Thinking Globally


Fair Trade

Nkosi Johnson

Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom

Like a Water Lily

Coming In for a Landing