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Student Resources

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Unit 1: Challenge

A Praise for Listener

A Mountain Story

A Life or Death Race in Alaska

Hindenburg’s Hydrogen Inferno

The Choice

Star Wars: Film Review


Unit 2: Imagination

A Grave Misunderstanding


Let’s Go to the Videotape

History of the Superhero/Enter the Superheroes

My Superpowers

Molly Killingbeck: Taking a Chance


Unit 3: Outlook

I Just Stood By and Let It Happen

Guy Things

Internet Safety: Safe Surfing Tips for Teens

Tennis Champion

Back to School: Last Year/This Year

Beyond Image


Unit 4: Communication

Wild Style CSI

Why Do We…


Into the Maghreb

Our Song

Governor General’s Installation Speech

Immigration Timeline

Unit 5: Change

There Are No Bad Days

You Have Two Voices

Samuel de Champlain

The Belonging Place

We Have Ruins

Nellie McClung

Famous Five Breakfast Speech

Unit 6: The Global Community

The Land is a Feeling

Who Invented the Peace Symbol?

Amatalrauf al-Sharki

My Body is My Own Business

If the World Were a Village

The Breadwinner