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Art Education in Practice series

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Art Education in Practice: Engaging Visual Culture
Karen Keifer-Boyd and Jane Maitland-Gholson
ISBN-13: 9780871927750
Copyright Year: 2007 | 162 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Gender Matters in Art Education
Martin Rosenberg and Frances Thurber
ISBN-13: 9780871927453
Copyright Year: 2007 | 155 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Rethinking Curriculum in Art
Marilyn G. Stewart and Sydney R. Walker
ISBN-13: 9780871926920
Copyright Year: 2006 |
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Art Education in Practice: Community Art in Action
Kristin Congdon
ISBN-13: 9780871926319
Copyright Year: 2004 | 128 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Teaching Meaning in Art Making
Sydney R. Walker
ISBN-13: 9780871925831
Copyright Year: 2001 | 160 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Roots of Art Education Practice
Mary Ann Stankiewicz
ISBN-13: 9780871924810
Copyright Year: 2001 | 146 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Using the Art Museum
Denise Stone
ISBN-13: 9780871924643
Copyright Year: 2001 | 132 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Assessment in Art Education
Donna Kay Beattie
ISBN-13: 9780871923639
Copyright Year: 1998 | 144 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Thinking through Aesthetics
Marilyn G. Stewart
ISBN-13: 9780871923622
Copyright Year: 1997 | 128 pp.
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Art Education in Practice: Talking about Student Art
Terry Barrett
ISBN-13: 9780871923615
Copyright Year: 1997 | 120 pp.
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