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New ©2013 Edition! Explore the Francophone World with the Proven Leader—Discovering French Today!

We're excited to announce updated copyrights with updated technology. If you have the latest copyright Discovering French, Nouveau!, you can still use your print books with the updated technology! The scope and sequence has not changed.

New for Discovering French Today! ©2013:

  • UPDATED technology icons and updated photos in Student Editions and Teacher Editions
  • UPDATED Assessment (in the Resource Books), Activités pour tous, Lectures pour tous
  • All online assets will be available through one place:
  • NEW Student One Stop™ will include entire textbook with audio and video at point of use
  • NEW Interactive Whiteboard Lessons
  • NEW eTextbooks for use on tablet devices
  • NEW Holt McDougal Apps
  • NEW Holt McDougal French @HomeTutor
  • NEW Teacher One Stop™

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Discovering French, Nouveau! ©2007

Discovering French, Nouveau! is a classroom-proven, three-level French program for middle and high schools that:

  • Integrates culture as a cornerstone by emphasizing the cultural diversity of the French-speaking world
  • Provides practice with a purpose with innovative student learning tools and state-of-the-art integrated technology
  • Encourages language learning that lasts with continuous comprehension checks and clearly marked learning strategies and concepts

Units in Discovering French, Nouveau! are subdivided into manageable lessons, thereby giving students a sense of accomplishment and progression as they move from one lesson to the next. Vocabulary is introduced in context, and with the help of line drawings and word hints in English. Lesson vocabulary is always introduced on a color-coded (yellow) background. Practice activities progress from controlled to open-ended in difficulty. Activities are always motivating and communicative.

Grammar concepts are presented with multiple examples, graphics, and color-coding in green. Practice sequences lead students through controlled, transitional, and open-ended activities to assure maximum development of communication skills. Direction lines to practice activities are modeled in red. Reading skill development progresses from short, easy-to-read realia pieces and stories to longer, more complex selections. The writing skill is developed through the end-of-lesson À votre tour section, as well as through the end-of-unit Entracte sections where there are longer, guided writing assignments. New information gap paired activities (Tête à tête) have been added to the back of the Student Editions for additional practice.