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School Price: $118.95

378 pp.
125 b&w photos, 140 line illustrations, figures, charts, 100 tables, 8" x 9"


Publication date:
August 1995

Imprint: OUP Canada

Made in Canada

Economics for Canadians, Third Edition

James D. Thexton

The third edition of this widely used resource has been redesigned and updated for use in high school e conomics courses. This text introduces students to general economic theory using predominantly Canadian examples. The book uses activities which involve the students in problem-solving scenarios and simulations. "Building your skills" sections provide instruction and practice in budgeting; developing a business plan; reading tables, graphs, charts, and financial statements; interpreting stock market quotations; making foreign currency exchanges; and more. "Application" sections link theory with pra ctice. "Case study" sections challenge students to apply their learning to real-life situations and "Issues" sections present controversial economic problems for discussion and debate.

This text features updated statistics and examples based on current economic realities. Also, fresh profiles, excerpts, articles, and cartoons reflect contemporary economic concerns. New to this edition are discussions of the government debt and deficit; the GST; NAFTA; global trade; the demise of the Soviet command economy; and the future of labour unions in Canada.

Readership : Secondary school students studying high school economics courses.

1. Scarcity and Decision Making
2. National Decision Making
3. Productive Resources
4. The Entrepreneur
5. Business Organization and Finance
6. Demand, Supply, and Markets
7. A Spectrum of Markets
8. Distribution
9. Labour Unions
10. Consumption and Savings
11. Government Expenditures and Revenues
12. Money and Banking
13. Unemployment
14. Inflation
15. Economic Growth and Productivity
16. International Trade

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Special Features

  • Introduces students to economic theory using Canadian examples
  • "Issues" sections discuss controversial economic problems
  • "Applications" sections link theory with practice "Case Study" sectins challenge and motivate students to apply what they have learned to real life situations
  • "Building Your Skills" sections provide practice in reading financial statements, tables, graphs, and charts; budgeting; developing a business plan; interpreting stock market quotations; making foreign currency exchanges; and more articles reflecting contemporary economic concerns