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black and white illustrations, with colour insert, 8.33" x 9.25"


Publication date:
September 1997

Imprint: OUP Canada

World Civilizations

A Comparative Study

Robert Walker

Trillium Listed!

A new, senior level text for the study of world civilizatons that takes a global approach

Readership : G11 World Civilization Studies students

Unit 1: Middle Eastern Civilizations, 3500 BCE - 395 CE
Skill Development: The Comparison Organizer
Unit 2: The Mediterranean World, 1500 BCE - 450 CE
Skill Development: Developing an Issue Analysis Organizer
Unit 3: The Medieval World, 400 CE - 1500 CE
Skill Development: Researching a Topic
Unit 4: Early Asian Civilizations, 1500 BCE - 900 CE
Skill Development: Developing a Written Report
Unit 5: Central and South America, 600 BCE - 1572 BCE
Skill Development: Detecting Bias in Written Sources

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Special Features

  • Meets all the expectations of the new Ontario Grade 11 World History Curriculum
  • In-depth examination of political, economic and social structures of each civilization
  • Parallel organization in unit chapters to facilitate ready access to information and comparisons between civilizations
  • Engaging writing style directed specifically at a Grade 11 reading level
  • Skill development is integrated at the end of each unit in context with unit content