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448 pp.
full colour illustrations, 8" x 9"


Publication date:
August 2002

Imprint: OUP Canada

Economics Now

Analyzing Current Issues

Angelo Bolotta, Charles Hawkes, Rick Mahoney and John Piper
Elaine Aboud and Jenifer Ludbrook

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Economics Now introduces students to basic principles of micro and macro economics, with a focus on the history of economic thought and economics on the world stage. It examines closely economic decision-making, including the role of government in employment and unemployment issues as well as in the global economic issues.

French version Economie Contemporaine available. Please contact Chenelière Éducation (www.cheneliere.ca) for details.

Readership : Ontario Secondary School Senior Economics Students

Unit 1: The Nature of Economics and the Economy
1. Basic Principles of Economics
2. The History of Economic Thought
3. Productive Resources and Economic Systems
Unit 2: Microeconomics: Understanding the Canadian Market Economy
4. Demand and Supply
5. Applications of Demand and Supply
6. Forms of Business Organization and Finance
7. The Theory of the Firm
8. Labour Markets
Unit 3: Macroeconomics: Understanding the Canadian Market Economy
9. An Introduction to Macroeconomics
10. Fiscal Policy
11. Money and Banking
12. Monetary Policy
Unit 4: Economic Decision Making
13. The Role of the Government
14. Employment and Jobless Recovery
15. Equity
16. The Environment and Sustainable Development
Unit 5: The Global Economy: International Trade and Development
17. Trade Theory, Trade Agreements, and Trade
18. Exchange Rates, Balance of Payments, and International Finance
19. International Economic Issues
Unit 6: The Future
20. The Economics of Tomorrow

Teacher's Resource
Test Item Bank

Angelo Bolotta: Consultant, Toronto Catholic District School Board Charles Hawkes: Retired teacher, Toronto District School Board Rick Mahoney: Teacher, York Mills Collegiate, Toronto District School Board John Piper: Teacher, Keswick High Schook, York Region District School Board

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Special Features

  • Integrated skill development feature called: Thinking Like an Economist; Primary Source: A Matter of Opinion: Economics in the News