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School Price: $139.95

420 pp.
Full colour illustrations, 8.5" x 10"


Publication date:
May 2001

Imprint: OUP Canada

Earth Matters

Studies in Physical Geography

Ron Chasmer

Trillium Listed!

This new full-colour, user-friendly text introduces senior students to the study of physical geography. Over 150 colour photographs, 125 colour illustrations, and student-friendly features bring to life the often dramatic nature of physical geography.

French version Tour de Terre available. Please contact Chenelière Éducation (www.cheneliere.ca) for details.

Readership : Grade 11 Physical Geography

Unit 1: The Earth: A Vibrant Planet
1. The Birth of Planet Earth
2. Earth, From Core to Crust
3. How Energy Gets the Ball Rolling
Unit 2: The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Understanding the Lithosphere
4. Continents Adrift
5. Movers and Shakers: Building Up Landforms
6. Earth's Treasure Trove: Rock, Minerals and Elements
7. Wearing Down the Land From Above
8. The Work of Wind and Water
9. Ice Sculpting the Lithosphere
Unit 3: The Water All Around: Understanding the Hydrosphere
10. Water: The Ultimate Shape-Shifter
11. Ocean and Seas
12. Lakes, Rivers, and Wetlands
13. Water in the Cryosphere
Unit 4: The Air Above: Understanding the Atmosphere
14. Energy Systems in the Atmosphere
15. Introducing Weather and Climate
16. Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Other Storms
17. Forecasting Weather
18. Acid Deposition: A Regional Issues
10. Climate Change: A Global Issue
Unit 5: All That is Living: Understanding the Biosphere
20. Energy and Life in the Biosphere
21. Climate, Soils, and Vegetation Working Together
22. Tropical Rainforests Ecoregions
23. Subtropical and West Coast Ecoregions
24. East Coast Ecoregion

Teacher's Resource
Catholic Values Teacher's Resource

Ron Chasmer is with the York Region Board of Education.

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Special Features

  • A new geography skill is introduced in every chapter for students to practice
  • 5 G.I.S. activities are contained within end-of-chapter activity blocks throughout the book
  • 5 Culminating Activities draw together major themes and concepts covered in the unit
  • Attention-grabbing unit openers: each of the 5 units begins with a dramatic real-life news story illustrating the unit's theme, such as "Turkish Earthquake"
  • Changing Technology presents students with current and topical innovations within the field of geography
  • Career Planet provides information on geography-based career opportunities including university paths and job descriptions
  • Annotated Websites identify internet addresses and suggest activities to be done at that site