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School Price: $131.95

8" x 9.75"


Publication date:
May 2001

Imprint: OUP Canada

Travel Quest

Travel and Tourism in the 21st Century

Fraser Cartwright, Gerry Pierce and Randy Wilkie

Trillium Listed!

This new full-colour text gives students the opportunity to visit many regions of the world and discover why each is a unique tourism experience.

Readership : G11 Geography students -- Ontario

1. Travel and Tourism
2. Regions and Tourism
3. The Caribbean
4. Eastern Europe
5. Brazil
6. East African Savanna
7. Wild Canada
8. Australia
9. New York City - Tokyo
10. China
11. Antarctica
12. Planning

Companion Site
Teacher's Resource Book
Catholic Values Resource

Fraser Cartwright and Gerry Pierce are both with York Region Board of Education.

Earth Matters - Ron Chasmer
Canadian Oxford School Atlas - Edited by Quentin Stanford and Linda Masci Linton

Special Features

  • Specifically written to meet 100% of the expectations of the new Grade 11 Regional Geography: Travel and Tourism Curriculum
  • Curriculum strands are identified throughout the text
  • Designed with an "active-learning" approach befitting the new "open" nature of the course
  • A new Geography Skill is introduced in every chapter for students to practice
  • Chapter-end, Culminating Activities draw together skills and concepts introduced in that chapter
  • GIS Activities found throughout the text, and apply GIS to relevant text content
  • High Interest Feature Boxes transport your students around the world:
  • Virtual Tourist - Identifies and briefly summarizes useful Internet sites
  • Traveller's Checks - Provides tips on what to take on a trip to a country or region
  • Great Getaways - Describes a sample itinerary for travel within a region
  • Tech Link - Introduces the latest in geographic technology
  • Fast Facts - Provides a statistical summary of a country or region
  • Take Note - Investigates a controversial issue unique to the region