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School Price: $99.95

560 pp.
50 colour photographs and fine art, 8.5" x 10"


Publication date:
March 2002

Imprint: OUP Canada

Echoes 12

Fiction, Media and Non-Fiction

Francine Artichuk
Susanne Barcley, Diana Knight, Wouter Boeresma, Liz Orme, and others

Echoes 12: Fiction, Media and Non-Fiction is a full-colour multi-genre anthology designed for Grade 12 English Language Arts students. This anthology is organized by both theme and genre, and includes a selection by both Canadian and international authors. The wide range of high-quality literature selected for each of the 7 units reflects a wide variety of forms and styles.

Readership : Grade 12 students at both the academic (university preparation) and applied (college preparation) levels across Canada in English Language Arts.

Short Fiction
Personal Writing

Teacher's Resource, Ontario Edition
Teacher's Resource, Catholic Values Edition
Teacher's Resource, Western Edition
Teacher's Resource, Eastern Edition
Audio CD

There is no Author Info available at this time.
Echoes 11 - Francine Artichuk
Diana Knight, Graham Foster, Liz Orme, Kevin Reed, and others
Break Away - Robin Pearson and Debbie Chambers

Special Features

  • Wide range of high quality literature, both classic and contemporary
  • Over one hundred fiction, non-fiction and media selections, written by Canadian and International authors, such as Michael Ondaatje, Daniel David Moses, Phyllis McGinley, Barbara Kingsolver, Dylan Thomas, Nino Ricci, Margaret Atwood, Lorna Crozier, Isaac Asimov, Rohinton Mistry, Robert Fulford, Elie Wiesel, Naguib Mafhouz, Derrick De Kerckhove, and Annie Dillard
  • Flexible structure accommodates varying classroom needs
  • Organized according to both genre and theme
  • The seven units are organized by genre, and an alternate thematic table of contents lists the selections under each major theme. Genre units include: Poetry, Short Fiction, Drama, Personal Writing, Essays, Non-Fiction, Media
  • Special "Echoes" feature continues to help students make connections
  • Within each genre unit, special "Echoes" features draw together selections from various genres, media and time periods