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Print Price: $59.95

1888 pp.
7.5" x 10.5"


Publication date:
June 2004

Imprint: OUP Canada

Canadian Oxford Dictionary

Second Edition

Edited by Katherine Barber

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary was the runaway bestseller of 1998, spending over a year on the Globe and Mail's bestseller list and winning the Canadian Booksellers Association's Libris awards for Non-fiction Book of the Year and Specialty Book of the Year. Now this wonderful resource is available in a major new edition.

The dictionary's 300,000 words, senses and definitions combine in one reference book information on English as it is used worldwide and as it is used particularly in Canada. Definitions, worded for ease of comprehension, are presented so that the meaning most familiar to Canadians appears first and foremost. Each of these entries is exceptionally reliable, the result of thorough research into the language and Oxford's unparalleled language resources. Five professionally trained lexicographers spent five years examining databases containing over 20 million words of Canadian text from more than 8,000 Canadian sources of an astonishing diversity. The lexicographers also examined an additional 20 million words of international sources.

This new edition is completely up to date with 5,000 new words and senses. In addition it features 2,200 uniquely Canadian words and senses, 350 usage notes, 7,000 idiomatic expressions, 5,500 biographical entries, and over 5,600 place names. There are also several new features in this edition: preferred word breaks are given throughout, parts of speech are written in full, and the first print run will feature cut thumb-indexing tabs.


  • Praise for the Canadian Oxford Dictionary:
  • "...a unique reference book for all Canadians: an essential tool for anyone writing for Canadian readers; and a book I know I will consult endlessly." Robert MacNeil,Time Magazine
  • "...with the arrival of[The Canadian Oxford Dictionary] - perhaps the mother of all Canuck compilations - the Canadian dictionary world is about to take a step forward." Edmonton Journal
  • "...an absolute must for every Canadian wordsmith." Peter Mansbridge, CBC "The National"
  • "The best Canuck wordbook yet, eh? We can all write and speak a bit more confidently with the arrival of The Canadian Oxford Dictionary..." The Globe and Mail
  • "The COD [Canadian Oxford Dictionary] is a must for any US library close to the Canadian border...Canadian libraries will want to update their reference collections with this latest edition, which is also a worthy edition to any Canadian home reference collection." --Booklist

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Katherine Barber, who heads Oxford University Press's Canadian Dictionary Department and was Editor-in-Chief of The Canadian Oxford Dictionary, appears regularly discussing Canadian English and interesting words on radio and TV across the country. In 1999, she won the Canadian Booksellers Association's Editor of the Year Award.

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Special Features

  • Updated with 5,000 new words and senses
  • Features cut thumb tabs
  • Now features preferred word breaks throughout
  • The Canadian Oxford Dictionary sold over 190,000 copies and spent over a year on the Globe and Mail's bestseller list
  • Official dictionary of The Canadian Press
  • Winner of the Canadian Booksellers Association's Libris Awards for Non-fiction book of the Year 1999 and Specialty Book of the Year 1999
  • Over 2,200 uniquely Canadian words and senses, and 500 Canadian regionalisms
  • Over 300 entries pertaining to Canadian Aboriginal peoples and their cultures
  • Entries based on an analysis of 20 million words of Canadian text
  • Extensive encyclopedic coverage, including Canadian place names and biographies of 850 Canadians, 100 new to this edition