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School Price: $129.95

384 pp.
full colour; 112 illustrations, 112 tables, 112 maps, 8" x 9.75"


Publication date:
May 2003

Imprint: OUP Canada

Experience Canada

A Geography

Dennis Des Rivieres and Colin M. Bain
Rob Harshman

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This full-colour text is created specifically for the Grade 9 applied market in Ontario. As such, it is This full-colour text is created specifically for the Grade 9 applied market in Ontario. As such, it is highly visual, with smaller "chunks" of content. Hands-on activities allow students to achieve success. Simple diagrams, illustrations, charts, and maps provide effective content. Basic foundational geographic skills such as mapping and graphing are introduced early in the text and reinforced throughout.

French version Le Canada: Milieux Physique et Humain available. Please contact Chenelière Éducation (www.cheneliere.ca) for details.

Readership : Grade 9 Geography students in all provinces

INTRODUCTION1. Student's World UNIT ONE: Physical Canada
2. Landform Processes
3. Landform Regions
4. Climate Processes
5. Bioregions
6. Ecozones
UNIT TWO: Human Canada
7. Population Characteristics
8. Cultural Origins
9. Rural Patterns
10. Urban Patterns
UNIT THREE: Economic Canada
11. Primary Industries
12. Secondary Industries
13. Tertiary Activities
14. Focus on High Technology
UNIT FOUR: Environmental Canada
15. Energy Sources
16. Climate Change
17. Pollution: Air, Water, Land
18. Ecological Footprint
UNIT FIVE Canada and the World
19. Global Comparisons
20. Focus on Trade
21. Global Connections
CONCLUSIONS: Future Directions
22. Student's World

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Dennis DesRivieres is a Social Science teacher and Department Head at St. Christopher Secondary School in Sarnia, ON Colin Bain is a retired Social Science teacher and Department Head Rob Harshman is a geography teacher at T.L. Kennedy Secondary School in Mississauga, ON

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