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Print Price: $26.95

800 pp.
5.5" x 8.5"


Publication date:
May 2004

Imprint: OUP Canada

Paperback Oxford Canadian Thesaurus

Edited by Robert Pontisso

Edited by Oxford's Canadian lexicography department, this is Oxford University Press's first Canadian thesaurus. With 300,000 synonyms and 8,000 opposites, this easy-to-use reference is ideal for all kinds of writing needs-- for study, at home, or in the office.

The Paperback Oxford Canadian Thesaurus provides the most useful alternative word first, with the words that are closest in meaning to the entry work given in capitals. Thousands of example sentences show words used in context, making it easier to make the right choice every time. Alternative and opposite words are clearly labelled if they are informal, dialect, literary, or technical. In addition, over 800 word family boxes offer lists of related words on a diverse range of topics including Native Languages of Canada, Doughnuts and Deep-fried sweets, Breeds of Dog, Dinosaurs, Sewing Terms and even Hockey Terms.

With over 635 uniquely Canadian words and meanings, the Paperback Oxford Canadian Thesaurus will be an invaluable reference for all Canadians.

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Robert Pontisso, Senior Lexicographer, is a graduate of the University of Toronto. He has worked on both editions of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary and he is the co-editor of the Students Oxford Canadian Dictionary, Second Edition and Oxford Canadian Spelling.

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Special Features

  • Now available with a beautiful new cover
  • Over 300,000 synonyms and 8,000 opposites to choose from
  • 200 word family boxes cover topics as diverse as Native Languages of Canada, Doughnuts and Deep-Fried Sweets, and Dinosaurs
  • 3,000 sample phrases and sentences to show words in context
  • Most useful alternative words given first, with words closest in meaning given in capitals
  • Uniquely Canadian words and meanings clearly labelled
  • The perfect companion to the Paperback Oxford Canadian Dictionary