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1104 pp.
4.31" x 7"


Publication date:
April 2005

Imprint: OUP Canada

Canadian Oxford Dictionary of Current English

Edited by Katherine Barber
Robert Pontisso, Tom Howell and Heather Fitzgerald

Based on the critically acclaimed best-selling Canadian Oxford Dictionary, the Canadian Oxford Dictionary of Current English offers a reliable description of Canadian spelling , pronunciation and meaning in a handy, mass-market format.

With 125,000 words, phrases and definitions, it features over 900 uniquely Canadian words and senses. Definitions are presented so that the meaning most familiar to Canadians appears first. Each of these entries is exceptionally reliable, the result of thorough research into the language and Oxford's unparalleled language resources.

Throughout, it offers authoritative guidance on Canadian spelling, and pronunciations are given for difficult words using an easy sound-it-out system (ie for QWERTY Say KWUR tee). Designed to fulfill users' everyday reference needs, the Canadian Oxford Dictionary of Current English offers Canadians the core vocabulary for everyday use.

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Katherine Barber, who heads Oxford University Press's Canadian Dictionary Department, was Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. In 1999, she won the Canadian Booksellers Association's Editor of the Year Award. Robert Pontisso, Senior Lexicographer, has worked on both editions of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, co-edited Canadian Oxford Spelling, and edited the Paperback Oxford Canadian Thesaurus. Tom Howell and Heather Fitzgerald have both worked on the second edition of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary and the Paperback Oxford Canadian Thesaurus.

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Special Features

  • Based on the best-selling, award-winning Canadian Oxford Dictionary
  • Over 125,000 words, phrases and definitions
  • 900 uniquely Canadian words and senses
  • Dependable guidance on Canadian spellings
  • Easy-to-understand pronunciation guidance for difficult words
  • Perfect small-format dictionary for backpack or briefcase