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176 pp.
4.31" x 7"


Publication date:
February 2006

Imprint: OUP Canada

Canadian A to Z of Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Edited by Katherine Barber

In a handy, pocket-sized edition, The Canadian A to Z of Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation offers advice on over 1,000 of the most common language errors in a clear and eye-catching format. The A to Z includes: simple solutions for bad grammar, over 150 writing tips for usage problems, conjugations of over 300 irregular verbs; explanations on the use of punctuation marks and capitalization with multiple examples; easy-to-understand definitions and examples for the most important grammar terms; and spelling help that no computer spell-checker can provide, including distinguishing between over 600 easily confused words.

Through extensive ongoing research, the authors, Oxford University Press Canada's Canadian dictionary editors, identify the most common grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems and provide practical solutions. Entries are arranged alphabetically for easy lookup. A special feature focusing on the most commonly misspelled word solves the difficulty of finding a word for those who don't already know the correct spelling.

As a resource at home, at work, or in school, it will help anyone to use English correctly, confidently, and successfully.

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Raised in Winnipeg, Katherine Barber attended the University of Winnipeg and the University of Ottawa. Her first job working on a dictionary was with the Bilingual Canadian Dictionary project at the University of Ottawa. In 1991, she was recruited by Oxford University Press to head up their newly-created Canadian dictionary department. Being Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary has also brought unexpected fame to Katherine Barber. From the moment the project was announced, she has been conducting radio and television interviews, and for the last few years has had a regular spot on CBC Radio's "Metro Morning" show in Toronto.

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Special Features

  • Advice on over 1,000 of the commonest language errors.
  • Over 150 writing tips for usage problems.
  • Conjugations of over 300 irregular verbs.
  • Explanations on the use of punctuation marks and capitalization, with multiple examples.
  • Help in distinguishing over 600 easily confused words.
  • Easy-to-understand definitions and examples for the most important grammar terms.