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Print Price: $12.95

1104 pp.
5.31" x 7"


Publication date:
October 2006

Imprint: OUP Canada

Oxford Canadian Thesaurus of Current English

Edited by Katherine Barber, Robert Pontisso and Heather Fitzgerald

The long-awaited companion volume to the bestselling Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English, the Oxford Canadian Thesaurus of Current English is the first thesaurus of its size to offer extensive coverage of Canadian English vocabulary.

The Oxford Canadian Thesaurus of Current English features over 130,000 synonyms in more than 7,000 entries, as well as more than 4,700 opposites and related terms, all contained in a handy, easy-to-read format. Compact, affordable, and easy to use, the Oxford Canadian Thesaurus of Current English is perfect for those who need a handy reference on the go.

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Raised in Winnipeg, Katherine Barber attended the University of Winnipeg and the University of Ottawa. Her first job working on a dictionary was with the Bilingual Canadian Dictionary project at the University of Ottawa. In 1991, she was recruited by Oxford University Press to head up their newly-created Canadian dictionary department. Being Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary has also brought unexpected fame to Katherine Barber. From the moment the project was announced, she has been conducting radio and television interviews, and for the last few years has had a regular spot on CBC Radio's "Metro Morning" show in Toronto.

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Special Features

  • Oxford's first Canadian mass-market thesaurus
  • Over 7,000 entries containing over 130,000 synonyms
  • Almost 5,000 opposites and related terms
  • Offers the most useful and relevant synonym first
  • Labelling of formal, informal, dated, literary, and dialect words to help find the right word fast
  • Includes many common phrases and idioms
  • Easy-to-read format
  • Affordable and compact
  • The perfect companion volume to the Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English
  • More Canadian coverage than any other thesaurus of its size