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School Price: $120.95

480 pp.
8.5" x 11"


Publication date:
September 2008

Imprint: OUP Canada

The Canadian Challenge

Student Book

Doug Baldwin, Rick Mahoney, Don Quinlan, Kevin Reed, Edited by Elaine Aboud and Loralee Case

Trillium listed and recommended for CHC2D in Ontario. Reviewed and recommended for Social Studies 11 in British Columbia (locally approved by Surrey SD36).

Colourful and user-friendly, The Canadian Challenge investigates the key issues presented by economic, social, and technological changes after 1914, as well as the contributions of individuals and groups to Canadian culture and society during this period. This student resource incorporates the five strands outlined in the CHC2D curriculum including local, national, and global communities, change and continuity, citizenship and heritage, social, economic, and political structures, and methods of historical inquiry and communication.

Readership : Grade 10 Academic History students in Ontario. Grade 11 Social Studies students in British Columbia.

Looking Back: Canada in the Early Twentieth Century
Thinking like a Historian
Unit 1: Forging a Canadian Identity: 1914-1945
1. The War to End All Wars
2. The Boom Years
3. The Dirty Thirties
4. The Second World War
Unit 2: Developing the Canadian Identity: 1945-1967
5. Challenges of the Post-war World
6. Coming of Age
7. Competing Visions of Canada
Unit 3: Challenging the Canadian Identity: 1968-1992
8. Building a Just Society
9. National Unity and International Security
10. New Directions
Unit 4: Challenge, Change, and Continuity: 1992-2008
11. Canada and the New World Order
12. Challenges of the New Millennium

Companion Site
Teacher's Resource
Assessment Kit

Don Quinlan, CBC consultant/editor/author. Past Oxford author. Retired TDSB teacher and department head. Kevin Reed, Teacher, KCVI. Experienced Oxford author of history and English texts. Rick Mahoney, Teacher, York Mills C.I. Canadian & World Issues department head and co-author of Oxford's Gr.12 economics text. Doug Baldwin, Retired professor of history at Acadia University and author of numerous academic and pedagogical texts.

Experience History - Dennis Des Rivieres and Colin M. Bain
Active Citizen - Angelo Bolotta, Marc Keirstead, Jill Colyer, Cathy Costello and Shane Pisani

Special Features

  • Profiles in Power
  • Each of the chapters in The Canadian Challenge is anchored by a profile of the Prime Minister in power during the period. It allows students to see events in context and encourages them to explore how each Prime Minister influenced Canada and the world during his or her time in power.
  • Thinking Like a Historian
  • The Canadian Challenge is the only book for CHC2D that teaches students historical thinking. The Thinking Like a Historian section at the end of each chapter helps students to find, select and interpret different sources of information, identify continuity and change, analyze the causes and consequences of events, use secondary sources as evidence, and ask historical questions.
  • Up to Date Information
  • The final chapters of The Canadian Challenge deliver in-depth analysis of the challenges Canada faces in the 21st century, including the complexities of the evolving political situation. In the final chapter, students are asked to analyze future challenges and reflect on the role they may play in dealing with them.