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648 pp.
6 maps; 10 tables; 170 photos, 8" x 10"


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Imprint: OUP Canada

The Peoples of Canada

A Pre-Confederation History, Fourth Edition

J. M. Bumsted

J.M. Bumsted's bestselling survey of Canadian social, cultural, political, and economic history in the years before Confederation is now in its fourth edition. Retaining the hallmark features of previous editions, this edition incorporates new scholarship and a fresh approach to studying the patterns of early immigration in pre-Confederation Canada and the development of our nation.

Readership : The Peoples of Canada: A Pre-Confederation History, fourth edition, will serve predominantly as a core text for first- and second-year university students studying Canadian history from pre-contact to 1885 in courses that are usually offered out of history or Canadian studies departments.

Introduction: Understanding History
Part One: To 1760
1. The Peoples of Early North America
2. Contacts and Encounters
3. Early European Approaches
4. The Atlantic Region to 1670
5. Canada to 1663
6. Canada 1663-1763: Government, Military, Economy
7. Canada 1663-1763: Population, Society, Culture
8. The Peripheries of the Empires, 1670-1760
9. A Century of Conflict, 1660-1760
Writing about Aboriginal Peoples' History
Part Two: 1760-1840
10. The Expansion and Contraction of British North America, 1760-1782
11. Loyalties and Loyalists, 1775-1791
12. Colonial Politics, War, and Rebellion, 1791-1840
13. The New Immigrants and Settlements: Peopling British North America, 1791-1860
14. The Colonial Economy, 1791-1840
15. Colonial Society, 1791-1840
16. Colonial Culture, 1791-1840
Writing about Women's History
Part Three: 1840-1870
17. Political and Administrative Reform, 1840-1860
18. Reorientation: British North America and the Empire after 1840
19. Reorientation: British North America and the Continent after 1840
20. The West and the North, 1820-1868
21. Early Victorian Society, 1840-1870
22. Early Victorian Culture, 1840-1870
23. Industrialization, 1850-1870
24. Unification, 1862-1867
Writing about the Canadian Fur Trade NEW!
Part Four: 1867-1885
25. The Completion of Confederation, 1867-1873
26. Envisioning the New Nation, 1867-1885
Writing about Confederation NEW!

Instructor's Manual
For each chapter:
- Chapter summary
- Chapter objectives
- Suggestions for in-class discussion and debate
- List of key people, places, events, and terms
- Suggested research topics and activities
- Recommended further resources
- NEW! Annotated images from the text plus critical thinking questions
PowerPoint Slides
For each chapter:
- 10 lecture outline slides
Test Generator
For each chapter:
- 10 multiple choice questions
- 10-15 true-or-false questions
- 5-10 short answer questions
Student Study Guide
- Chapter summaries
- Chapter learning objectives
- Multiple-choice quizzes
- Recommended further readings
E-Book (ISBN 9780199000838)
Available through CourseSmart.com

For over 25 years, John M. (Jack) Bumsted taught at the University of Manitoba's department of history. Before his arrival on the Prairies he taught at both Simon Fraser University and McMaster University. His research specialties are many, including the history of Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, and cultural history.

The Peoples of Canada - J.M. Bumsted
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Gender History - Willeen Keough and Lara Campbell
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A Concise History of Canada's First Nations - Olive Patricia Dickason and William Newbigging
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Special Features

  • Covers from the earliest times to Confederation and beyond - spanning the Palaeolithic peoples of North America to 1885-offering students a complete, detailed survey of early Canadian history.
  • Understanding History essay introduces the origins, development, and importance of history as an academic discipline.
  • Four historiographical essays - including two NEW selections on writing about the Canadian fur trade and writing about Confederation-explore the ways interpretations of the past have changed over time.
  • Chapter-opening essays and timelines provide students with context and perspective for the era being discussed.
  • Brief biographical sketches provide background information on both little-known and familiar figures in Canadian history.
  • Excerpts from primary source documents give students a chance to work with the raw materials of history.
  • A lively, accessible writing style engages students in the material.
New to this Edition
  • New full-colour design includes 15 new photos and a larger trim size to increase visual appeal and enhance readability.
  • Backgrounder boxes feature specific topics that set the scene for the larger issue being discussed - for example, a box on the social importance of taverns in Upper Canada within a section on colonial society.
  • A number of new biographical boxes bring the past to life by setting historical events in a more personal context.