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Reconcilable Differences

A History of Canada-US Relations

Stephen Azzi

Series : Living History

This concise history examines the relationship between Canada and the United States from the birth of the two countries to the present day. Drawing on perspectives from politics, economics, social research, and historiography, this engaging narrative brings historical personalities and events to life while exploring the influence these countries have had on each other.

Readership : Second-, third-, and fourth-year level history courses at universities and colleges.


  • "I think [the book] is a wonderful contribution to the existing literature on Canada-US relations as it provides macro and micro level analysis of key issues and historical events."
    --Dan Bousfield, Western University

1. Loyalties, 1763-1814: The American Revolution, Loyalism, and the War of 1812
2. Identities, 1814-1860: Building a Distinctive Canada after the War of 1812
3. Havoc, 1860-1971: Slavery, the American Civil War, and Canadian Confederation
4. Wests, 1860-1930: The Parallel Development of the North American West
5. Destinies, 1871-1914: Competing Visions of Canada's Future
6. Independence, 1914-1938: Canadian Political Independence and North American Integration
7. Allies, 1938-1945: The Second World War
8. Consensus, 1945-1955: The Early Cold War
9. Discord, 1955-1968: The Breakdown in the Consensus
10. Resilience, 1968-1984: The Rise and Fall of Canadian Nationalism
11. Reconciliation, 1984-1993: The Political and Economic Partnership of the Mulroney Years
12. Unipolarity, since 1993: The United States and Canada after the Cold War

Timeline of Key Events:
Highlights important events in the history of Canadian and American relations
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Stephen Azzi is an associate professor in the Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management and the Department of History at Carleton University. After receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, he worked as a political aide to four Canadian members of Parliament, as well as a policy officer and intelligence analyst at the Department of National Defence. He has written on Canadian history, politics, economics, culture, nationalism, and foreign relations, and has contributed several entries to The Canadian Encyclopedia. He is the author of Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism (MQUP, 1999).

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Special Features

  • Interdisciplinary approach draws on examples from political, economic, social, and cultural history, as well as historiography, to give students a well-rounded look at Canada-US relations.
  • Comprehensive coverage spans from 1763 to the present day for a wide-ranging look at the often complex relationship between the two countries.
  • Engaging narrative style brings historical personalities, events, and issues to life.
  • Part of the NEW Living History series - combines a concise format, an exploration of recent research, and a thoroughness of coverage that suits the study of special topics in history.