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288 pp.
252 mm x 336 mm


Publication date:
March 2021

Imprint: OUP US

New Concise World Atlas

Sixth Edition


With hundreds of dramatic, full-color, large-format maps produced by Europe's finest team of cartographers, the sixth edition of the New Concise World Atlas delivers a fully updated, diverse collection of geographical information in one well-organized, manageable volume.

144 pages of clear, detailed topographic and political world maps have been updated to show the latest transportation information (road, railways, and airports), administrative boundary changes, national parks, major tourist sites, and historical places of interest. The New Concise World Atlas also features beautifully rendered maps of the ocean seafloors and stunning new satellite imagery including Berlin, Cape Horn, Edinburgh, Gibraltar, Grand Canyon, Kampala, Kingston, La Paz, Memphis, Niagara Falls, Orlando, Osaka, Oslo, Perth, Philadelphia, Salar de Uyuni, Shanghai, Tehran, Tenerife, Tombouctou, Toronto, and Vienna. Recent changes to the world's geography are thoroughly captured in this edition; fully updated charts and world statistics provide data on climate, population, area, annual income, and physical dimensions. Finally, an index with over 64,000 items make searching for lesser-known locales quick and easy.

Truly international in scope, created with meticulous care, and reflecting the very latest political developments and census information, Oxford's New Concise World Atlas,Sixth Edition achieves the highest standard among international map resources. This engaging and affordable resource is second to none in the superb quality of its maps, the breadth of its coverage, and its easy-to-use convenience.

Readership : Ideal for a broad readership of geography enthusiasts and homebound adventurers. Well-suited for the home or desk bookshelf, or as a gift book.

World Statistics
Satellite Images
Ocean Seafloor
World Maps
Index to World Maps

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Making Sense in Geography and Environmental Sciences - Margot Northey, Dianne Draper and David B. Knight

Special Features

  • Sophisticated digital mapping showing detailed political and topographical information with exceptional brightness and clarity.
  • 144 pages of clear, detailed world maps with contours and hillshading, updated to show the latest transportation information (road, railways and airports), administrative boundary changes, national parks, major tourist sites, and historical places of interest.
  • 6 pages of geographical facts and figures, featuring Countries (area, population, and annual income), Climate (month-by-month rainfall and temperature figures for over 70 cities), and Physical Dimensions (continents, seas, oceans, mountains, rivers, lakes, islands).
  • 26 pages of stunning satellite images, showing major world cities and fascinating geographical features.
  • 8 pages of beautifully rendered maps of the ocean seafloors, identifying ocean basins and deep-sea trenches.
  • Comprehensive index with 35,000 names, including cities, towns, villages, states, provinces, countries, historical names, and geographical features, with full latitude and longitude coordinates.