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352 pp.
63 figures, 26 tables; all full colour, 8" x 10"


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Imprint: OUP Canada

Canadian Criminal Law and the Criminal Code

An Introduction

D. Scharie Tavcer

Canadian Criminal Law and the Criminal Code: An Introduction, first edition, is the first brand new criminal Law text for criminology undergraduate students to be published in a generation. Its unique and accessible approach is designed to appeal to a wide variety of students, including those without a law background or who aren't planning on careers as lawyers. The text is laid out to mirror the process by which a person moves through the criminal justice system and interacts with justice system players, from pre-trial procedures through defences and sentencing. Key sections of the Criminal Code are included and brought to life through contemporary case studies and compelling discussion questions. The aim is to engage the students fully with the material, which consists of the most up-to-date judgements and statutes of any criminal law text available.

Readership : Introduction to Canadian Criminal Law courses, usually found at the first- or second-year level.

Preface and Acknowledgements
Introduction to the Textbook
Part 1 Intro
1. Introduction to Criminal Law
2. The Constitution Act
3. Pre-Trial Procedures
Part 2 Intro
4. Actus Reus
5. Mens Rea
Part 3 Intro
6. Assault and Sexual Offences
7. Homicide and Negligence Offences
8. Vehicle and Property Offences
9. Drug Offences
Part 4 Intro
10. Criminal Defences Permitted by Law
11. Sentencing
Table of Cases

Test bank
PowerPoint/Image Bank

D. Scharie Tavcer is an Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University.

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Special Features

  • · Key sections of the Criminal Code are included throughout and brought to life through contemporary case studies, providing students with real-world examples of criminal cases.
  • · A critical perspective highlights the disproportionate effect of the Criminal Justice system on Indigenous Peoples and people of colour in Canada, presenting the discipline in a way that matters to students and instructors today.
  • · A reader-friendly style guides students with varying backgrounds through the complexities of the Canadian criminal justice system, offering a clear and coherent reading experience.