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Print Price: $36.50

576 pp.
59 illustrations, 6.125" x 9.25"


Publication date:
October 2013

Imprint: OUP US

The Iliad

Translated by Barry B. Powell and Foreword by Ian Morris

Homer's Iliad is one of the foundational texts of Western Civilization. The timelessness of its story, of men battling fate amidst the horrors of war, still stirs the imaginations of readers year after year. What is offered here is the first translation by someone who is both an eminent scholar and published poet. Based on his thorough familiarity with Homeric language, Powell's free verse translation preserves the clarity and simplicity of the original, while recreating the original feel and sound of the oral-formulaic style. By avoiding the stylistic formality of earlier translations, and the colloquial and sometimes exaggerated effects of recent attempts, he deftly captures and conveys the most essential truths of this vital text.

Helpfully included in this edition are a detailed introduction, illustrations, maps, and notes. Modern and pleasing to the ear while accurately reflecting the meaning of the Greek, Powell steers a middle path between the most well-known translations and adds something unique to the canon.

Readership : Suitable for students and general readers with an interest in classical literature.

List of Maps
List of Figures
About the Translator
Homeric Timeline
Book 1: The Anger of Achilles
Book 2: False Dream and the Catalog of Ships
Book 3: A Duel to the Death
Book 4: Trojan Treachery, Bitter War
Book 5: The Glory of Diomedes
Book 6: Hector and Andromach^ Say Goodbye
Book 7: The Duel Between Hector and Ajax
Book 8: Zeus Fulfills his Promise
Book 9: The Embassy to Achilles
Book 10: The Exploits of Dolon
Book 11: The Glory of Agamemnon and The Wounding of the Captains
Book 12: Attack on the Wall
Book 13: The Battle at the Ships
Book 14: Zeus Deceived
Book 15: Counterattack
Book 16: The Glory of Patroklos
Book 17: Fight Over the Corpse of Patroklos
Book 18: The Shield of Achilles
Book 19: Agamemnon's Apology
Book 20: The Dual Between Hector and Ajax
Book 21: Fight with the River; Battle of the Gods
Book 22: The Killing of Hector
Book 23: The Funeral of Patroklos
Book 24: The Ransom of Hector
Pronouncing Glossary/Index

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Barry B. Powell is Halls-Bascomb Professor of Classics Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Special Features

  • A free verse translation that preserves the simplicity of the original language.
  • Includes reproductions of classical art illustrating the famous episodes of Homer's poem.