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Request a Copy of : Economic Geography (9780199013289)

Higher Education Policy

  • Selected titles are available for examination to qualified educators for consideration as a course textbook.
  • An examination copy of a textbook will only be sent to a lecturer at a college or university who wishes to consider adopting it for their class.
  • A desk copy will be sent if the book has been adopted for a class of 25 students or more.
  • We do not accept requests from non-institutional email addresses (ie. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Reference/Trade Media Policy

Oxford University Press Canada makes every effort to provide review copies to members of the media. All requests from people living in Canada and working for Canadian media outlets should be directed to the Canadian office. Canadians writing solely for American or international publications should send requests to the appropriate international office. Please see the oup.com website for worldwide branches of OUP. Requests originating in countries other than Canada should be directed to the Oxford office in that country.

Freelancers should have the book review editor of their publication make the request on their behalf. Due to the number of requests received, those making requests will only be contacted if we require more information or there is a problem providing the book.

All publications are requested to provide two dated tear-sheets or web links of any published reviews either immediately upon publication or within a reasonable time thereafter.

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