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Author Highlights

Caroline F. Pukall

Human SexualityCaroline F. Pukall, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Queen’s University, is the director of the university’s Sex Therapy Service, an associate editor for The Journal of Sexual Medicine and an advisor for the DSM-V Task Force on Sexual Pain Disorder. She is also the editor of the first fully Canadian text on human sexuality. Human Sexuality aims to explore the richness and diversity of the human sexual experience through chapters by Canadian experts, offering a comprehensive introduction that is guaranteed to stimulate interest and help students think critically about the way they view sexuality.

To learn more about Human Sexuality, click here.

Chris MacDonald & Lewis Vaughn

The Power of Critical Thinking : Fourth Canadian Edition

The fourth Canadian edition of The Power of Critical Thinking presents the concepts of critical thinking in an engaging, student-friendly way. Written by Lewis Vaughn and adapted for the Canadian market by Chris MacDonald, The Power of Critical Thinking provides students with the skills they need to carefully assess the reasoning, arguments, and explanations that lead to beliefs. With a wealth of Canadian examples that resonate with Canadian students, the book provides extensive pedagogical aids and over 1300 exercises, allowing students to practice and review what they have learned.

Author Chris MacDonald is an associate professor at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management at Ryerson University and the director of the Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Program.

To learn more about The Power of Critical Thinking, click here.

Emily A. Schultz

Sociology: A Canadian PerspectiveFor most people, living for extended periods of time in Egypt, Botswana, and Jordan would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but for anthropologist Dr Roberta Robin Dods it brings the study of anthropology to life! With her extensive experience conducting field research abroad and within Canada, research covering a range of areas from subsistence systems to boreal forests, from ancient pyrotechnology to science and traditional knowledge—who could be better suited to bring to life Oxford University Press’s first Canadian textbook for the study of cultural anthropology?

Cultural Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition, third Canadian edition, is an adaptation of one of the most successful US textbooks for students taking an introductory course in cultural anthropology. Building on the solid foundations of Emily A. Schultz and Robert H. Lavenda’s original text, now in its ninth edition, this edition introduces issues and examples that not only make the subject come alive for Canadian students but also demonstrate the breadth and depth of anthropological research being carried out in this country. Further, it affirms the theme of holism as a central anthropological concept and recognizes the contributions of First Nation Peoples to the study of anthropology in Canada.

With a vibrant, full-colour design that includes an abundance of new photos, maps, and images, Cultural Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition, third Canadian edition, truly brings cultural anthropology to life for Canadian students. 

To learn more about the third edition of Cultural Anthropology, click here.

Lorne Tepperman

Sociology: A Canadian PerspectiveOxford University Press is proud to publish the work of Lorne Tepperman, professor of sociology at the University of Toronto. Lorne’s dedication to research and teaching have made him one of Canada’s most respected sociologists. A former chair of U of T’s world-renowned Department of Sociology, Lorne received the Canadian Sociology Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award in 2004 and served a three-year term as the association’s president. He is the editor of Oxford’s innovative Themes in Canadian Sociology series and the author of many groundbreaking works, including the just-published second edition of Starting Points, Oxford’s acclaimed textbook for introductory students.

For a complete list of Lorne Tepperman's Oxford publications, please click here.

Carolyn Meyer

100% Canadian – written by a Canadian instructor for Canadian students!

Communicating for Results: A Canadian Student's Guide, 4eCarolyn Meyer is an associate professor in the School of Professional Communication and the Masters of Professional Communication Program at Ryerson University as well as the vice president (Canada) of the Association for Business Communication. The new fourth edition of Carolyn Meyer’s introduction to business communication, Communicating for Results, features new social media coverage, a wealth of practical case studies, real-life reports and examples, writing improvement exercises, quick-reference checklists, and numerous other learning aids. This invaluable text will help students develop the skills they need to become successful, confident communicators who get noticed and get results.

To learn more about Communicating for Results, click here.

William Norton

Human Geography, Ninth EditionOxford University Press is pleased to announce the publication of the new ninth edition of Human Geography by William Norton. Illustrated with a well-balanced mix of international and Canadian examples, this new edition traces the evolution of the discipline across the globe, examining the ways in which human behaviour transforms the earth’s surface in response to changing social, cultural, political, and environmental needs.

William Norton is a professor in the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba, where he teaches introductory human geography and cultural geography. He is also the co-author of Cultural Geography: Environments, Landscapes, and Inequalities, third edition, (2014). His current research projects in contemporary cultural geography involve interpreting identity and place with emphasis on competing identities and contested places.

To learn more about the new ninth edition of Human Geography, click here.

Robert Bone

The Regional Geography of Canada, Sixth EditionAuthor Robert Bone provides students with a comprehensive overview of the six regions of Canada, guiding them through the physical, historical, cultural, social, and economic features of each region, in The Regional Geography of Canada, Sixth Edition. Professor Emeritus of the University of Saskatchewan, Professor Bone is uniquely positioned to author this best-selling introduction to the geography of Canada as former Director of the Institute for Northern Studies and member of the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development. Class-tested now over six editions, The Regional Geography of Canada continues to inform students on the changing dynamics in this country. Recent events have resulted in a demographic, economic, and political shift to the West. The question for the next decade is – will this trend continue?

To learn more about The Regional Geography of Canada, click here.

John Steckley

Elements of Sociology, Fourth Edition"Don't look at any other introductory sociology texts!" Those are the words of John Steckley when asked about the process of starting work on his most recent book.  John is the lead author of the highly successful introductory sociology text Elements of Sociology, now out in a new fourth edition.

What makes Elements of Sociology truly unique is John's willingness to provide a personal, narrative approach to studying Canadian sociology. Whether he's discussing a Tim Hortons' drive-through order versus ordering from the counter, his life as a stepfather, or teenage suicide and the death of his young nephew, the material draws students in and illustrates sociological theory from a personal perspective.
One of John's areas of study is Canadian Aboriginal peoples, and his expertise in this field is reflected in the inclusion of Aboriginal issues throughout Elements of Sociology. In 2007, John published a Huron-English dictionary and is understood to be the last known speaker of the Huron language.

John Steckley currently teaches at Humber College in Toronto; he received his PhD in Education from the University of Toronto.

To learn more about the new fourth edition of Elements of Sociology, click here.

George A. MacLean/Duncan R. Wood

Politics: An IntroductionHaving won numerous teaching awards, George A. MacLean and Duncan R. Wood have combined their years of teaching experience to create an introductory political science textbook that draws students into the discipline, providing them with both a Canadian and global perspective on the discipline. Politics: An Introduction, presents material in an accessible format for students encountering the subject for the first time, while also allowing them to link political science theory to real world events. With a unique separate chapter on the timely issue of International Security, full-colour format, extensive pedagogy, and a robust ancillaries package, Politics: An Introduction has already established itself as a key Canadian title for the subject.

To learn more about Politics: An Introduction, click here.

Maureen Baker

Choices and Constraints in Family LifeMore choices, but do the constraints on family remain the same? While young people now have more choices to create and develop their own individual lifestyle and domestic relationships, Maureen Baker argues that many of the old constraints on relationships continue, and some new ones have been added. Choices and Constraints in Family Life examines issues of intimacy, the nature of marriage and family, and family life through an interdisciplinary lens, providing students with new views on gender relations and domestic work. At the same time, the text discusses newer issues relating to cohabitation, same-sex relationships, personal identity, new reproductive technologies, and fathering. Part of Oxford’s celebrated Themes in Canadian Sociology series, Baker provides students with a succinct discussion of family life in Canada today.

To learn more about Choices and Constraints in Family Life, click here.

Tracey Kinney

Conflict and CooperationThe twentieth century was profoundly shaped both by the threat and the reality of war. As a result, conflict must be seen as one of the defining issues of the twentieth century. However, this was also the century that witnessed genuine attempts to build cooperative global institutions. In Conflict and Cooperation: Documents on Modern Global History, editor Tracey Kinney brings together over 140 documents that illustrate both an era of conflict and one of cooperation. While the collection focuses on the diplomats and politicians who have shaped the twentieth century, Kinney also ensures that, where possible, the testimony of ordinary men and women who witnessed crucial moments in history is included. The result is a core collection of vital primary documents, accessible for all students of modern history.

To learn more about Conflict & Cooperation, click here.

Stephen Brooks

Sociology: A Canadian PerspectiveOxford’s best-selling introduction to Canadian politics is out in a new edition! Always engaging and insightful, author Stephen Brooks teaches readers to think critically about current issues and encourages students to become actively engaged citizens with his innovative text Canadian Democracy. The new eighth edition focuses on issues of individual, group, and regional equalities and freedoms, and raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of Canadian democracy itself. The basics of Canadian government—its institutions, ideologies, and processes—are also given a thorough treatment.

Professor Brooks teaches in the areas of Canadian politics and public administration, as well as American politics. His research interests include the political influence of intellectuals, political thought in Canada and the United States, federalism, and public policy. Brooks has brought his expertise to a number of institutions in North America and Europe as a visiting professor. Recently he spent seven months teaching Canadian politics at the University of Paris.

To learn more about the new eighth edition of Canadian Democracy, click here. Other OUP publications by Stephen Brooks include America Through Foreign Eyes: Classic Interpretations of American Political Life.

Philip Dearden and Bruce Mitchell

Environmental Change and ChallengeAn environmental call to action! Oxford University Press is proud to be publishing the new third edition of Philip Dearden and Bruce Mitchell’s Environmental Change and Challenge. This popular ground-up Canadian text not only teaches the fundamentals of environmental studies, but also asks students to live what they’re learning. Respected authors Dearden and Mitchell certainly practice what they preach.

Philip Dearden’s research focuses on conservation and the establishment and management of protected areas. His particular interest in marine protected areas has led him to Southeast Asia where he’s been involved in the development and assessment of incentive-based conservation initiatives such as whale shark tourism in Honduras and scuba diving in Thailand. He’s also working on an integrated conservation development programme in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia. Back in Canada, Dearden is a professor and chair of the geography department at the University of Victoria as well as the Leader of the Marine Protected Area Working Group of the Ocean Management Research Network.

Bruce Mitchell has studied and taught water management for over 35 years in Canada and throughout the world. His research has taken him to Indonesia, Nigeria, India, China, and Australia. Mitchell is also a past president of the Canadian Water Resources Association and has served as a consultant to provincial and federal governments in Canada and to UNESCO in Paris. Currently he is a professor of geography at the University of Waterloo. In 2008 Mitchell was awarded with the prestigious Massey Medal from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society for his critical thinking and pragmatic approach to water-management issues.

To learn more about the new fourth edition of Environmental Change and Challenge, click here.

Nellie Perret

Making the Grade: A Guide to Study and Success, Canadian Edition As a learning skills counsellor and educator at the University of Toronto’s Academic Success Centre,
Dr. Nellie Perret has witnessed how each year students enter post-secondary life ill-equipped to succeed. According to Nellie, the problem many students have is that they are spending their time studying in a manner that is automatic, not strategic; habitual, not intentional. The critical factor determining academic success is not how smart a student is or how long they study for, but also how intentionally, how strategically, and how well they study. As the Canadian adapter of the best-selling Making the Grade: A Guide to Study and Success, Nellie applies her many years of experience in this area to provide Canadian students with an up-to-date, relevant introduction to post-secondary education. This skills-oriented text offers proven advice for building core skills such as time management, strategic reading, effective note-taking, critical thinking, and much more. The goal is for students to develop better study habits that will lead to academic success and a more purposeful and engaging learning experience.

To learn more about Making the Grade, please click here.

Jacqueline Holler

The Gendered Society, Second Canadian EditionWhat’s so Canadian about Gender Studies? In this Canadian adaptation of Michael Kimmel’s US text, The Gendered Society (OUP 2016) author Jacqueline Holler (UNBC) ensures that the content is relevant to Canadian students and reflects the world surrounding them. The book is Canadianized not just superficially – through replacing US examples with Canadian ones, for example – but by enhancing or downplaying themes according to their relevance in Canadian society. This relates to content on social and economic issues in Canada, issues of race and ethnicity, issues of religion and education, as well as Canadian policy and law. The result is a thoroughly Canadian text that provide students with a view of gender that directly relates to the society in which they function.

To learn more about The Gendered Society, click here.


Robert B. Adler

Understanding Human Communication“A good text should spell out how theory and research relate to everyday life…and should have a strong Canadian perspective…reflecting Canadian social and cultural life”. These are just some of the comments that Alex Sevigny gathered from his communication studies students at McMaster University when he set out to produce the third Canadian edition of Ron Adler’s Understanding Human Communication (OUP 2015), ensuring that the book not only appealed to instructors but also appealed to Canadian students. Alex has taught the Introduction to Communication course at McMaster University for a number of years, and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Professional Communication.

To learn more about Understanding Human Communication, click here.


Jay Hodgson

Rock: A Canadian PerspectiveOxford University Press is proud to publish ROCK: A Canadian Perspective, by Larry Starr, Christopher Waterman and Jay Hodgson. When looking to adapt a US text in order to better serve Canadian instructors and students, OUP looks for individuals who are not only respected researchers in their field, but are also dedicated to undergraduate teaching. In the case of ROCK: A Canadian Perspective, OUP found this in Jay Hodgson.

Jay Hodgson began performing popular music at seventeen years of age, making sporadic appearances with EMI recording artist, and four time JUNO nominee, John McDermott. Currently Jay is a Full Professor in the Department of Music at the University of Western Ontario. As a graduate student at the University of Alberta, he received the 2006 Governor General's Gold Medal, an award that recognizes the most outstanding doctoral graduate student. Jay teaches popular music practice and history, and music production and engineering, at the University of Western Ontario, and is one of the architects of North America’s first (and only) Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music Studies and Master of Arts in Popular Music & Culture programs at that school.

To view Jay Hodsgon's Rock: A Canadian Perspective, click here.


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