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Business Research Methods, Chapter 7: Mixed Method Research: Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) Cross-checking research results by using different research strategies
b) Using two quantitative and two qualitative research methods
c) Asking three different control groups the same questions in an experiment
d) Proving that every theory is based on three different angles

Question 2:

a) Positivist argument
b) Feminist argument
c) Embedded method argument
d) Post-positivist argument

Question 3:

a) Qualitative research can be a source of hypotheses that can be tested using quantitative research
b) Qualitative research can be used to inform the design of survey questions for structured interviewing or self-completion questionnaires
c) Qualitative research provides in depth knowledge of the social context under investigation
d) All of the above

Question 4:

a) Quantitative research identifies the groups of people that must be interviewed
b) Quantitative research increases the chances that people will take part in an interview
c) Quantitative research balances positivist and post-positivist research approaches
d) None of the above

Question 5:

a) lively
b) processual
c) statistical
d) proverbial

Question 6:

a) Qualitative research can help explain the relationships between variables
b) Qualitative research can help compare data sets
c) Qualitative research can help to present findings in an anecdotal fashion
d) All of the above

Question 7:

a) Generally, researchers using this method are not as encumbered by epistemological and ontological baggage as is sometimes supposed
b) Today, feminist researchers will use quantitative research methods more often than they did before
c) Multi-method research provides a better understanding of a phenomenon than using only one method
d) All of the above

Question 8:

a) Multi-method research is superior to research that relies on a single method
b) Multi-method research must be appropriate to the research questions or research area
c) Multi-method research must be completely designed and conducted
d) Multi-method research may dilute the research effort in any area, since resources need to be spread

Question 9:

a) When the second research strategy is used to explain puzzling results
b) When researchers need to compromise between qualitative and quantitative research
c) When it would be unethical to use qualitative research
d) When researchers must change their research strategy begin again