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Business Research Methods, Chapter 8: Ethics in Business Research

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) Because social researchers need rules and processes to follow that can be relied on during a court case concerning unethical behaviour
b) Because researchers have previously behaved in unethical ways
c) To ensure respect for human dignity
d) None of the above

Question 2:

a) Research Ethics and Behavior board
b) Research Ethics board
c) Research behavior board
d) Research Ethics Standard Committee

Question 3:

a) A research study that includes humans as subjects
b) The population studied consists of at risk individuals (e.g. minors, pregnant women, prisoners, etc.)
c) A study where the research participants are subject to physical discomfort
d) All of the above

Question 4:

a) Harm to self-esteem
b) Harm to career prospects or future employment
c) Physical harm
d) All of the above

Question 5:

a) Structured interviews
b) Covert observation
c) In-depth interviewing
d) Qualitative content analysis

Question 6:

a) The researcher did not inform participants about every detail of their research
b) The researcher promised to keep the hide the identity of the participants and he did not
c) The researcher represented his/her research as something other than what it is
d) The researcher harmed a participant

Question 7:

a) ‘Universalism’
b) ‘Anything goes’
c) ‘No choice’
d) ‘Relativism’

Question 8:

a) Research should be of mutual benefit to researcher and participants
b) The researcher is the controller of the data and thus responsible for its usage
c) The researcher and the participants are friendly to each other
d) None of the above

Question 9:

a) The Code address the rights of at-risk individuals in business research
b) The Code covers researcher freedom and choice of method
c) The Code aims to address the challenges posed by the increased commercialization of universities causing a shift in the source of research funding
d) The Code relates to the degree to which invasions of privacy can be condoned