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Higher Education

  • Committee records. Much of the heavy lifting when it comes to public policy work is done by government committees. This resource lets you search the issues studied, the research collected, and the experts they’ve consulted. Detailed information is listed for each committee including a schedule of all meetings with date, time and location, the committee’s studies and activities, reports, membership, and news releases. Also, see ‘Substantive Reports of Committees’.
  • Parliamentary Library Background Papers. A story-idea generating resource based on federal studies on matters of current public debate, thoroughly researched and presented with background, legal precedents and a valuable list of sources and publications in the bibliographic end notes. While they often fall under the radar, sharp-eyed journalists have used these credible reports for front-page stories such as the 2013 Library of Parliament report that found nearly 6,000 Canadian veterans could suffer mental health issues and another 2,750 facing post-traumatic stress disorder.